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Title Name Phone Email
President Janis Nairne 250-723-3350
Vice President  Wayne Janzen  250-724-4739   
Secretary  Katie Lekich  250-723-9146   
Treasurer  Don Hudson  250-724-4658   


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Alberni Branch Report 2013

Between the dates of July 1 2012 and June 30 2013 the Alberni Retired Teachers' Association held 3 general meetings and 2 luncheons.

The executive met on 3 occasions outside of general meetings.

The goals of the executive were as follows:

1. To support members who are going through difficult times.

2. To communicate seniors' issues to our members.

3. To hold gatherings that would reunite members.

4. To support 2 $500 bursaries for graduating Alberni District Senior Secondary students who intended to pursue education as a career.

5. To continue developing and refining our Policies and Procedures document.

6. To support the BCRTA in its recruitment drive.

One challenge we have is stimulating participation amongst our members:

• Turnouts for luncheons are dropping.

• The percentage of our retirees joining the BCRTA is low.

• To date we have not attracted any new recruits to the executive.

We did have problems getting information to new retirees last year because we couldn't get mailing addresses for some. However I am very pleased that our teachers' union will from now on include the BCRTA application forms in their retirement dinner invitations.

Administrators get the same courtesy. I am hopeful this new arrangement will result in better recruitment.

Although the following executive list looks sparse we only have a net loss of one executive member (that might be 2 as one has been away on an extended cruise). At the moment our plan is to rotate the chair for meetings and share the duties of running the executive. Wayne Janzen is our Communications officer and will be our contact person. I understand that this might be somewhat unorthodox but it is the best we can do until the positions are all filled.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron Brandner, President


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