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The Newsletter of the Prince George Retired Teachers' Association

Prince George Newsletter April 2017 (pdf)


Branch Executive

Title Name Phone Email
President Elizabeth Eakin 250-562-5305
Past President Mary Hunter 250-562-6338
Vice President Vacant    
Secretary Cheryl Mikulasik 250-564-4821
Treasurer Muriel Cue 250-962-8680
Bursary Aleta MacFadden 250-564-6168
Heritage Kris Nellis 250-562-7125
Heritage Tiiu Noukas 250-563-2380
Newsletter Bob Steventon 250-562-3717
Membership Jim Caldwell 250-964-3386
Social Committee Bonnie Lamb 250-964-7872


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Golden Star Awards

Some of the 2011-12 new members of the Prince George branch at the September picnic



Branch News and Events

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Click on this link to see details for the Collette Travel "Iceland Magical Northern Lights" tour in November 2016, that will be highlighted at the April PGRTA lunch.


Prince George Branch Report 2015

The PGRTA sets up a small display at the August Prince George Exhibition on Seniors Day spearheaded by our Heritage Committee, an opportunity to bring back memories and also to gather missing information from early Prince George residents about the history of some of the earliest schools in the region.
    The September activity was the annual “The Hell with the Bell” picnic, where new retirees were welcomed with a cake. All members were encouraged to sign up for a small “opportunity” to help with some jobs in our branch. Because of the job action by BC Teachers, retirees present were reminded, if they wished to do so, of ways they could help the current teachers on the picket line.
    In October, our general luncheon meeting was attended by Tom McLean of Collette Travel, who provided an entertaining visual presentation about an upcoming trip to Africa.
    Our Annual Christmas Luncheon was attended by over 100 members. Our lifetime honorary members are sent personal invitations and members who no longer drive are provided with transportation. A variety of recorded Christmas music, was provided for background ambience.
    The program for February, an informative and entertaining talk on a selection of books, was presented by a librarian, Patricia Gibson, from our public library. The City of Prince George was also hosting the Canada Winter Olympics at this time and the library had been closed to the public to use for an athletes’ lounge, so we were especially lucky to have this most informative and entertaining speaker, who was so busy at the library she was unable to stay for the free lunch we offer all of our guests!
    April is the month of our AGM. Prior to the elections, Gerry Tiede, BCRTA member conducted a presentation about TPP pensions and benefits. Aside from being entertaining, Gerry was also very reassuring that our Pension Funds are doing well.
    Throughout the year the executive is also busy on other things: Bursary and Scholarships to the School District and UNBC, liaison with COSCO, Heritage Committee, quarterly newsletter, membership updating and recruiting, and of course the organizing of the lunches each quarter along with a used book sale and often a 50/50 draw for the scholarship fund.
    It is with great regret that the Executive learned that our talented and hard working president, Gail Montgomery, was moving to Nanaimo. She is already missedRespectfully submitted,
Elizabeth Eakin, President

Prince George Branch Report 2014

The year started with a large picnic in Fort George Park on the first day of school in September. The weather was wonderful and about 70 people turned up to welcome all the new retirees. We ate our lunches and then cut a huge cake for dessert. A delightful picnic basket donated by Johnsons was raffled off. Of course we attended the Northern Zone meeting, Delegates Day and the Annual General Meeting.In October, the first general meeting and luncheon was held with Tom Maclean from Collette as the guest speaker. He was promoting the three kingdoms of Indochina.December brought a huge snowstorm on the day of our Christmas luncheon. We had 150 people reserve for the meal. I was in near panic mode wondering how many would show up. Almost everyone came. They came by taxi or with friends if they couldn’t drive their own cars. The only vehicle that could not get through was the one carrying the microphone system. Our guest speakers were advertising the Winter Games in 2015 and looking for volunteers. Then we were entertained by a wonderful Choral group before lining up for a traditional Christmas meal with all the trimmings. About 90 members came to the February meeting. Anne Hogan gave a very informative  talk on seniors’ housing in Prince George. After a short general meeting with a microphone this time, we had a great buffet lunch. The last meeting was our annual general meeting. Before the meeting we listened to a speaker on NIDUS. This was an excellent presentation.  There will be a new president and vice-president next year. Gail Montgomery and Elizabeth Eakin are the new president and vice-president respectively.  The three delegates and alternate for the BCRTA general meeting were elected. Our Heritage Committee worked on the third volume of School histories in the Prince George area. They hope to have it completed by October. One of the originators of this committee, Barb Hall passed away in December and we are missing her. The heritage collection was moved from Gladstone school to the annex of Lac des Bois as Gladstone was needed for classrooms. Through fund raising, we have donated $2,000.00 to the seniors’ dental program, one bursary and one scholarship, each of $1500.00 to School District #57 and one bursary for $1500.00 to a second year Education student at UNBC. Next year we will add a second UNBC bursary of $1500.00.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Hunter, outgoing President



Branch Archives

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Prince George Newsletter April 2014

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