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Sunshine Coast Branch Report 2014

Greetings from the Sunshine Coast Retired Teachers Association!

We continue to struggle to maintain at least 100 members as it is a very small population, especially of retired teachers. This past year we experienced a few successes.

The SCRTA Executive decided to organize a Christmas luncheon and twenty-five members and guests attended. A joyful and fun-filled event!

In February we invited Louise Herle, SCTA president to share the concerns of BC’s practicing teachers. Some of the future changes that the provincial government has initiated are most worrisome.

A few of our 2013 newly retired teachers of SD #46 became members. We tried to entice all with a personal invitation to a complimentary breakfast or lunch at any planned SCRTA activities, without much success.

We still fundraise for three annual bursaries, $750.00 each, given to a graduating student from each of the three area high schools.

Some SCRTA members and in particular an associate member, this year continue to support the bursary fund. The SCRTA Executive is most grateful for their generosity and a tax receipt is given in return.

Being in the bigger picture and belonging to the BCRTA is important to the SCRTA Executive and Membership and so we continue to do our best.

Respectfully submitted,

Tess Apedaile

Sunshine Coast Branch Report 2012

2011-12 revealed an almost identical format of past years, in organizing activities for the association. Three Executive meetings would occur and certain plans were organized while the membership would receive the minutes and a modified newsletter afterwards via email or with a hard copy.

The newly retired teachers of District #46 were offered a complimentary breakfast meeting in October at a local golf club. This activity appears to be quite a success and so our association has continued to offer this breakfast invitation.

Another successful event is a bursary fundraiser evening that is held in late April. This event has reaped many benefits, from bursary donations and especially, a social engagement that allowed many members to arrive at the fundraiser to enjoy each other's company with good food and refreshments available.

The three bursaries that we offer are presented to graduating students from the three Secondary Schools on the Coast. Our membership is very generous. We are so honoured to be able to still offer these three bursaryes, modestly assisting these students in their future post-secondary education.

We still have difficulty convincing our membership to attend the AGM meeting in June; but with 50% of our current membership in their 70's and older (who now are experiencing health difficulties), the association is again just hanging on by its fingertips in remaining active within the BCRTA.

The core of members keeping the association alive and well is trying to recruit new members but on the Sunshine Coast, many members are volunteering in other varied interests from hospice to auxiliary thrift store, to raising funds for the local hospitals, etc. Thus, the SCRTA thnks those members who believe it is important that we maintain a presence in the bigger picture. Your time and effort is so appreciated. Again, thank you to all who have chosen to be on the Sunshine Coast Retired Teachers' Executive.

Respectfully submitted,

Tess Apedaile


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