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BRTA Matters April 2016 (pdf)


Branch Executive

Title Name Phone Email
President Rennie Maierle 604-434-0486
Vice President vacant    
Secretary Steve Bailey    
Treasurer Ross Hepburn    
Past President Marion Hartley    
Member-at-Large Gail MacDonald    
Director Janet White    
Scholarship Treasurer Marguerite Henderson    
Social Concerns Marilyn Bullock 604-929-1919
Editor Newsletter David Carter    
Membership Marguerite Henderson    
Phoning Ilse Armanini    
Sunshine/Condolences Elizabeth Beer    
Scholarship Barb Hart    
Scholarship Marg Mallory    
Scholarship Paulene Hall    
Outreach Joan Lee    


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BRTA MATTERS February 2017 (pdf)


History of Burnaby Retired Teachers

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Burnaby Schools' History

The Burnaby Branch of the Retired Teachers' Association, in conjunction with the Heritage Commission of Burnaby City Hall, the Burnaby School Board,-and the R.R. Smith Foundation, are continuing the collection of data on the history of Burnaby schools

Begun by the Retired Teachers Branch, in the 1980's. We are working towards publishing a book on our history, within the next year.

We would welcome contributions from anyone with history, pictures or stories associated with Burnaby Schools' History, 1894 - 2012.

Please contact Janet WHITE   for more information.

Burnaby Branch Report 2015

The Executive Council of the Burnaby Retired Teachers met five times last year, 2014-2015.  Burnaby Retired Teachers Association held five luncheon meetings at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby.  The guest speakers were Gerry Tiede on his experiences volunteering in an Africa orphanage and Andrew Poon, BC Securities Commission on Fraud Alert. At our December luncheon we were lucky to be entertained by Andante, the Burnaby Retired Teachers Choir.  In April, we hosted the winners of the Burnaby Elementary Schools Public Speaking Contest who impressed us with their self confidence and ability to speak so well to a large audience. Our final luncheon meeting in May is also our general meeting where our new executive for 2015 – 2016 was elected.  We also honoured the members who turned eighty-five in the last school year.  We heard some quite interesting anecdotes from their years of teaching.In the morning of our first luncheon we hosted a COSCO workshop on personal planning.  It was extremely well attended and we hope to offer more workshops in the future.We have worked very hard to encourage members to receive Burnaby Matters, our newsletter, by email.  This has required a great deal of effort to update the email list and the mailing labels as well. Thanks go to Marguerite Henderson, Ilse Armanini and Rennie Maierle for doing the work required to make this successful.   The BRTA produces a newsletter five times a year.  Dave Carter took over as editor this year from Laurie Lynds who was the editor for many years.  Dave has worked hard to get a variety of people writing articles for the newsletter in addition to providing us with laughs from his editorial.  The newsletter has expanded to eight pages.The BRTA Scholarship Committee raises funds by holding a fifty-fifty draw at every luncheon and encouraging members to remember the scholarship fund in their wills.  This year, thanks to the generous donations of members, the BRTA was able to offer a $600 scholarship to a student in all eight Burnaby secondary schools.  The scholarships are funded from the interest earned from the scholarship fund.  The members of the scholarship committee are Harold Wright, Barb Hart, Marg Mallory and Pauline Hall.Our poinsettia delivery to members who are 85 and older was a great success as usual.  Joan Lee and Kate Evans coordinate this Outreach program.This is my last year as president and I must take the time to thank our executive members and volunteers who have put in so much work on behalf of the members of the Burnaby Retired Teachers.Respectfully submitted,
Marion Hartley,  Past President 

Burnaby Branch Report 2014

The Executive council of the BRTA met five times in the last year, 2013-2014.We held five luncheon meetings at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby.  The guest speakers were Leona Skovgaard from Burnaby Food First and Charles Hou, a retired Burnaby Teacher.  Leona spoke about the organisation Burnaby Food First (BFF) which works in the Burnaby inner city giving workshops about healthy eating, cooking and gardening.  Charles gave a workshop on the Birds and the Bees using historical political cartoons to illustrate his presentation.  We also had the three winners from the Burnaby Elementary Schools Public Speaking Contest.  They spoke on the topic “What if...” In December the Burnaby Central Jazz Choir performed for us as well as Andante, the Burnaby Retired Teachers’ Choir.  Our final luncheon meeting was a general meeting at which our new executive council was elected and the revised BRTA Policies and Procedures were ratified.  We also honoured the members who turned eighty-five in the school year.  They always provide us with interesting anecdotes from their teaching careers.The Policies and Procedures revisions have been an ongoing project for about five years.  This year, after many meetings, the revisions were completed and approved by the membership. Thanks to D’Arcy Bader for persevering with this review.The scholarship committee has been very busy soliciting donations.  At every luncheon meeting there is a fifty-fifty raffle which raises funds.  At the December luncheon, a raffle for donated prizes is done.  This year there has been enough interest generated by the invested scholarship funds to award a $500 scholarship to a student in all eight Burnaby secondary schools.Our poinsettia delivery to the members who are 85 and older was a big success again this year.  Thanks go to Marg Fitch and Pauline Hall who have organised the poinsettia outreach for a number of years.The BRTA sends a newsletter to members five times a year.  It has been extremely well received and it helps keep members in touch with current events that affect them.  Laurie Lynds has been the editor for more years than we can count.  He has done a wonderful job with the newsletter and we are finding it difficult to replace him as he has decided to retire from the position at age eighty-five.

Respectfully submitted,
Marion Hartley, President





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