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Coquitlam Branch Report 2016

Coquitlam has enjoyed another interesting and informative year.  We welcomed many new retirees to our membership list and were able to meet and welcome some of them at our Back to School Brunch and and General Meeting in October.  Four members attended the BCRTA AGM where we won two bottles of Champagne for our increase in new members.  The champagne  was among the prizes offered at our well attended Christmas Luncheon.
Our guest presenters were current, informative and well recieved.  Cus Huckvale spoke on investing, and risk factors for seniors.  He stressed the need for an updated will.  James McCormack, Professor in the UBC Pharmaceutical Science Department,  gave an entertaining presentation about “Nutrition and the Evidence Conundrum”, noting that a lot of what we believe is not supported by science.  Dennis Coutts, Executive Director, made us aware of the local and worldwide mandate of Habitat for Humanity and how we could be of help.  Glenda Standeven, a cancer survivor, amputee and author motivated us to focus on what we have and to deal adversity with humour.
Our AGM was held in June.  Executive elections and BCRTA AGM delegate elections were held and our Bridge Club provided us with our annual Build a Bunwich Lunch at the close of the meeting.
We wish again to thank SD#43 and the CTA staff for their ongoing support of our activities and efforts.

Respectfully submitted,
Audrey Anthony, President


Coquitlam Branch Report 2015

2014-2015 was a busy year for Coquitlam.  We began our year with a very enjoyable, well attended Back to School Brunch.  In December, our Christmas Luncheon was thoroughly enjoyed by an increased number of attendees.  
Coquitlam was pleased to receive a membership award at the September BCRTA AGM.  Our two bottles of champagne were among the door prizes given away at our Christmas Luncheon.

Our executive worked very hard this year.  In addition to our regular events, we hosted a Community Seniors’ Forum facilitated by the CRTA executive with generous support from the BCRTA, School District #43 and volunteers.  Our newsletter is now being enjoyed by considerably more than half of our members via e-mail and the postage savings have been directed to our bursary programme.  Our committees - membership, social, sunshine, newsletter, bursary, phoning, welcoming, societal concerns and presentations worked productively as a team for the entire year.  

We have an active and committed executive.  Our executive meetings are lively, fun and productive and members step up to take on extra duties when the need arises.  

We have made a great effort to make our general meetings relevant and topical for retired teachers’ and seniors’ concerns.  Our speakers this year were knowledgeable and informative.  Susan Knaimer gave us an inside look at the pharmaceutical inductry in BC.  Seth Klein spoke on the inadequacies of the existing tax system.  Bob Taverner spoke on the role of the BCRTA.  Gerry Tiede outlined the financial state of the Teachers’ Pension Plan and reviewed our Extended Health Plan and Lisa Hansen discussed our Medoc Travel Insurance.  Susan Borax and Heather Knittel gave a hilarious but very factual presentation on decluttering.  Letters of invitation to join us have been sent out to all new retirees.  We hope to have a high number of new members this year.  

Coquitlam retired teachers have had an excellent year and look forward to another great year in 2015-2016.  We wish to thank SD #43 and the CTA for their support.  

Respectfully submitted,
Audrey Anthony, President





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