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President Janice Androsoff 250-362-9501
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Secretary Nancy LeMoine 250-368-9565  
Treasurer John Harasin 250-362-5477  
Past President Marlane King    
Membership Mary Vanness    
Membership Bob Betuzzi    
Heritage Art Benzer    
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Kootenay Columbia Branch Report 2014

1.We have 209 members. (from Prov RTA, April, 2014)
 2. We had 4 Executive Mtgs. (June 18, Sept. 10,  Dec. 6,  March 13)  
 3. We had 4 Meetings (Oct.1,  Dec. 2, March 10, & June 5)  Our Members voted on preferred topics. Top choices were having a local “Musical Group” perform for us, & “Frauds & Scams.”
 4. For our Oct. 1 Mtg, we were at the Birchbank & had a delicious hot turkey buffet with about 50 members present. Joe Ranallo gave an excellent talk & demonstration on “Acupuncture”.
 5. At our Dec. 2 Mtg, we were at Chances Casino & had a delicious hot turkey/ham buffet with about 44 members present. We did “Bring-A-Book-Take-A-Book” and Greg Archibald led us in a wonderfully spirited, fun Christmas Singalong.
 6. For our March 10 Mtg, we were at the Trail Campus of the Selkirk College Cooking Program & we had a delicious hot chicken buffet with about 53 people present.  Regina Day gave an excellent presention on very important current issues (e.g., the Federal Health Accord).  
Then the “Golden City Fiddlers” entertained us with a wonderful musical performance.
 7. For our June 5   K-C  RTA  AGM,  we returned to the Trail campus of the Selkirk College Cooking Program where we had, once again, a delicious hot chicken buffet with about 50  members present. Annette O’Connor gave an excellent presentation on “Frauds & Scams.”  Regina Day gave an excellent update on “Medicare” & current issues.
 8. Vice-President, Janice Androsoff, & I attended the Provincial  BC  RTA  AGM in Richmond on Sept. 19 - 21 & reported back to our membership at our Oct. 1  Mtg.  We found the Mtg to be valuable. (e.g., pension overpayments, Blue Cross Updates, MLA Linda Larson, Intergenerational Connections, Excellence In Education Awards, Advocacy Kits, etc.)
 9. Vice-President, Janice Androsoff, & I attended the “Passing The Torch Workshops” in Castlegar on Oct. 21 & 22 and found the topics (e,g., Theories/Leadership, Volunteering, Changing Demographics, Criteria for Effective Organizations, Advocacy, etc.) very interesting & relevant. We reported back to our membership at our Dec. 2 Mtg.
 10. I attended the “Social & Economic Justice Forum” at the Brilliant Cultural Center on April 27. The featured speaker, Seth Klein, was not able to attend, as his Air Canada flight was not able to land. (weather) Our local MP, Alex Atamenenko, “subbed” for Seth.  Alex, Regina Day, Jan Morton, & Rebecca McDonnell presented to us. (e.g., the huge taxation shift;  Blueberry Creek Community School’s funding issues;  “Canadian Center For Policy Alternatives;  “ the “Quiet Revolution from Market Economy to Market Society;”  the upcoming case in the BC Supreme Court RE: Private Health Care;  taxes are needed; etc.)  Please see my report.
 11. Vice-President, Janice Androsoff, attended the late April “Retirement Workshop.”
 12. I attended the RTA Zonal Mtg in Creston on May 26. It was a good meeting & addressed important issues. Please see my report.
 13. Our “Phoners” are Maureen Krohman & Joan Demchuk. We thank them for their excellent service!
 14. Our Executive is -  Peter Moll, Past Pres.;  Janice Androsoff, Vice-Pres.;  Nancy Lemoine, Secretary;   John Harasin, Treasurer;  Heritage, Art Benzer;   Membership, Mary Vanness & Bob Bertuzzi;  Member-at-Large, Art Winstanley.  We thank them for their excellent service!
15. At our June 5/14 AGM, we voted to establish a “Social Justice Committee” with Joe Ranallo heading up that Committee. We encouraged everyone to become involved.
We voted to postpone our Election until the Fall, 2014 General Mtg.
Repectfully submitted by Marlane King   June, 2014


Kootenay Columbia Branch Report 2013

1. We have 206 members. (from Prov. RTA - April, 2013)

2. We had four meetings in the July, 2012 to June, 2013 time frame. (Oct., Dec., Mar., & June)

Our members voted to have Luncheon Meetings &, if there is to be a Dinner Mtg, they would like it to be the June AGM (to avoid driving in the dark or on icy winter roads).

3. Our Monday, October 15, 2012 Luncheon Meeting was held at the Birchbank Golf Course.

About 45 people attended. Our guest speaker was Darrel Ganzert, Board Chair of SD # 20.

Darrel gave a very interesting, excellent presentation on "What's New In Education."

4. Our Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Luncheon Meeting was held at Chances Casino Restaurant. About 48 people attended. We enjoyed the "Bring-A-Book & Take-A-Book" activity & we had a lovely Christmas Carol Singalong, led by our very talented member, Greg Archibald.

5. Our Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Luncheon Meeting was held at the "Rotary Room" in the Fruitvale Community Hall. About 45 people attended. Margie Crawford & Janice Androsoff gave an excellent presentation on "Prevention Of Cruelty To Seniors."

Debbie Korn (a teacher from the Fruitvale Elementary School), Bert Kniss (an expert harmonica player who is retired), & Debbie's BC RTA Golden Star Award Winning Harmonica Playing Students gave an excellent performance that enchanted & captivated the audience! The Village of Fruitvale kindly donated the use of the room & the School District kindly loaned the sound system.

6. Our Thursday, June 13, 2013 Annual General Dinner Meeting was held at Birchbank Golf Course. About 34 people attended. Laura Williams gave an interesting presentation on "Nutrition.

7. Past President, Peter Moll, & President, Marlane King, attended the BC RTA AGM in Richmond (Sept. 28-30, 2012) & reported back to the membership. They found the AGM to be very valuable!

8. Treasurer, John Harasin, & President, Marlane King, attended the Nelson RTA Luncheon Meeting on Monday, March 25, 2013. Provincial President, Cliff Boldt, spoke on important/current issues, as did Gerry Tiede (pensions), and Mark Costales (travel insurance). It was very informative & interesting! Cliff acknowledged & complimented John Harasin for his work at the Provincial level. At least four of our members also attended - Diane Holt, Lou Derosa, Martha Anderson, & Maureen Krohman.

9. Four Executive Meetings were also held. (June 19, 2012; Oct. 18, 2012; Feb. 5 2013; Apr. 23, 2013)

10. Our "Phoners" are Joan Demchuk, Maureen Krohman, & Shirley Sommers. Marlane acknowledged & thanked them for their excellent service!

11. Our Executive is - Past President, Peter Moll; President, Marlane King; Vice-President, Janice Androsoff; Secretary, Nancy Lemoine; Treasurer, John Harasin; Membership, Mary Vanness & Bob Bertuzzi; Heritage, Art Benzer; Member-At-Large, Art Winstanley; Marlane acknowledged & thanked them for excellent service!

Respectfully submitted,

Marlane King, President



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