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Objectives in 2015/16:

  • To monitor the progress of the Federal Liberal Government with regard to its campaign commitments.
  • To identify health and housing issues pertinent to seniors and to begin gathering material for the 2017 provincial election.
  • To continue advocating for seniors with municipal, provincial and federal governments.
  • To develop a BCRTA policy statement regarding housing for BCRTA members and other seniors.



2014/2015 Committee:


 From Left:  Caroline Malm, Jo Ann Lauber, Tom Hastie, Barb Mikulec, Regina Day (Chair), Val Dyer, Grace Wilson



Ombudsperson's Report
February 14, 2012

Ideas for reaction and response:
attend CCPA meeting on February 23
organize community forum here in Comox Valley

I have attached an electronic copy of the Ombudsperson's report (3 documents) on seniors that was released today, February 14, 12. I am sending this report to a number of BC Retired Teachers' Association members and to a variety of senior's groups with which I am acquainted. Please forward it to others who might be interested.

It is a lengthy document for sure. Please check through the table of contents and Executive Summary. I'm sure you will find at least one area or issue of interest. Everyone receiving this report knows or has known seniors in the community – this report reflects their challenges and successes. Family and friends of seniors who are having a bit of a struggle will surely find some information or a recommendation that relates to their experience.

I am planning on working with others to develop a response to the report – how the recommendations will impact on services and programs for seniors in BC. This leads to my request:

Please give some time to this report and send me your reaction and comments. These can be about specific recommendations, general impression about the report, how this report and its recommendations might be used to advocate for seniors in your community, your health authority and provincial.

I will collate all the responses I get and combine them into a document that I'll make available.
Thank you for your help on this.

Seniors Action Plan Report click here

Kershaw address to BCRTA Annual Conference September 2011

for a copy of the presentation click here

National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly- NICE

"Older adults (55+) from across Canada are invited to participate in a research study about their personal safety and experiences with mistreatment (abuse and neglect). English or French speaking participants from all backgrounds are welcome. Individuals who have and who have not experienced mistreatment are encouraged to participate. "

NICE is asking for older adult volunteers. Please consider volunteering or passing this information along to your network of contacts.

When There is a Death in the Family

What to do when there is a death in the family

A Death in the Family (from the People's Law School)

For More Resources click here

Testator Beware

The Dark Side of Canada's Inheritance System

View the full document as a PDF file


Resources for information on Dementia
View the full document as a PDF file



From the SUMMARY of REPORTS 2014

The work of this committee this year has been focussed on issues that pertain to the well being of our members and seniors in general.  It has been a busy year as a number of significant concerns became very pressing.  On March 31, 2014, two significant Federal and Provincial agreements came to an end with the potential of serious consequences for our national medical system.  The Canada Health Accord which ensures the conditions of the Canada Health Act came to an end.  There is no longer a signed and renegotiated accord between the federal and provincial governments.  The Canada Health Council was also terminated and as a result there is no one agency that will maintain the accountability of the Canada Health Act.  The BCRTA supported the Health and Housing committee in the funding and establishing of branch grants that would allow branches to lobby for the renegotiation of the Accord.  Eight branches accessed the grants and work hard to raise awareness of this serious matter.  Through the work of the BCRTA and COSCO virtually every MP in the province was visited and given a package of material that stressed the need for a renegotiated Accord.  JoAnn Lauber deserves a great deal of thanks and appreciation for the efforts she contributed to making this campaign so successful.  JoAnn attended a meeting in Ottawa of the National Health Coalition.  Our provincial BC Health Coalition is contributing to the upcoming Supreme Court case between Brian Day and the province.  This case is a charter challenge by Dr. Day which is trying to allow for profit health care. This case is a serious threat to the present Canada Health Act.
    The BCRTA has supported the efforts of the Integrated Care Advocacy group.  This group is trying to raise the awareness for the need of an integrated care programme that would offer services to seniors who wish to remain in their homes. We have written to the Minister of Health regarding a revamping of the Better At Home programme with the proper funding.  At present this programme relies on volunteer fund raising and service provision.  In many areas this programme is not able to meet the volunteer criteria and fund raising requirements.  Val Dyer and Cliff Boldt visited a facility in Edmonton that could serve as an integrated care  model for such a programme.  The Health and Housing committee has attended meetings with groups in Vancouver that are advocating for seniors’ housing. The committee has written to the newly appointed Seniors’ Advocate Isobel Mackenzie regarding the need for improvements in subsidies for affordable seniors’ housing.  We are advocating for a raise in the SAFER programme.
    We continue to advocate for a removal of the MSP premiums for seniors.  BC is the only province or territory that charges seniors MSP premiums.  Members should be aware that MSP premiums rose by 4% this year and it is likely that another increase will occur next year.  In addition, members will be aware that our Pacific Blue Cross premiums jumped by 21 1/2%.  Many of the services provided by the extended health provider were at one time covered by the provincial medical plan. As tax cuts happened our services declined. TAX CUTS EQUAL SERVICE CUTS. 
The Health and Housing committee is committed to researching and informing members of issues that are concerning to the seniors’.  We want to be proactive in ensuring that our years of retirement are as positive as possible.
Respectfully submitted
Regina Day, Chair






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