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Committee Chair Barb Mikulec  
  Don Caskey  
  Diane McNay  
  Elaine Anderson  
  Charan Gill  
  Janice Androsoff  
  Lynne Farquharson  


Educational Heritage Project Funding Grants Criteria

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Educational Heritage Project Grant Application 

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BCRTA Heritage Collection Inventory

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The following are the goals and objectives of the 2015/16 Heritage Committee:

  • To continue to promote the availability of updated BCRTA Heritage Project Funding Grants Criteria and Application forms from the BCRTA website.
  • To continue to administer and adjudicate heritage grants on behalf of the BCRTA.
  • To encourage recipients of heritage grant monies to write an article about their project for PostScript
  • To visit a heritage site
  • To promote the availability of the Education Heritage Resource Collection.




Heritage Committee Report 2015

The Heritage Committee has promoted the availability of Heritage Project Funding Grants and has administered and adjudicated heritage grants on behalf of the BCRTA.   This year we have awarded $2000.00 to Richmond RTA and $1500.00 to Vancouver RTA to help them fund their Heritage Projects. Richmond used the money to buy the laptop, scanner, software and auxiliary equipment necessary for them to catalogue and organize the Richmond Heritage Collection. Vancouver used the money to buy 108 plastic archival storage boxes which were distributed to each school in Vancouver. These boxes are to be used by each school for the collection of memorabilia such as trophies, class and staff pictures, newsletters, concert programs and other meaningful items.   It was requested that after six months each organization provide a short report on their progress and an article for the Postscript at the completion of the project. The Richmond Committee has already sent a progress report and a timeline of their activities so far. They have also extended an invitation to the committee to revisit the site of their heritage collection to see the progress that they have made. Presently we are in the process of contacting the two committees that received grants last year to encourage them to write about their project.

This year we received the third component of a mammoth undertaking by the Prince George RTA to record the history of all the schools that are now and have been in the past operating in the Prince George School District. Vernon RTA has sent us a book that they have produced about schools in their district. As well we received a PowerPoint documenting the history of 25 historical schools that have been closed in the Upper Columbia Valley.

On May 12 the committee made a visit to Strathcona School in the Vancouver downtown eastside. Originally called the New East School it opened its doors in 1891 on Pender Street at Princess Avenue. It is Vancouver’s oldest elementary school.

One of our members wrote an article for the Postscript about two Vancouver teachers that have received the 2014 Governor General History Award for Excellence in Teaching. As well she has prepared a PowerPoint presentation about the Vancouver Regional Heritage Fair which featured presentations from students in the Vancouver Area.

Respectfully submitted,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Steve Bailey, Charan Gill, Barb Mikulec, Don Caskey, Karen McDonald, Elaine Anderson (chair)






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