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Committee Chair Al Cornes
  Gerry Tiede
  Lynda Rodier
  George Main
  Cheryl Halsted
  Floyd Smith
  Arnie Lambert


For the 2015/16 year the Retirement Workshops committee's objectives are :


  • To successfully implement the revised workshop There’s More To It Than Money;
  • To improve communications with local presidents and active teachers through visitations to the RA, information at TPP sessions, and by encouraging facilitators to establish on-going relationships with BCTF Locals and;
  • To explore the development of workshop components on:
  1. group benefits in retirement, including Pharmacare, EHC, Dental, MSP and out-of-province Travel Insurance, and
  2. government sources of income in retirement, including CPP, OAS, GIS and the effect of Income Tax.



The mission of the retirement workshop committee is to prepare and arrange for the delivery of a workshop entitled THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN MONEY for active educators within five years of retirement.

Goals of the Committee

Update the workshop material on an annual basis.

Recruit and train workshop facilitators as needed.

Promote the workshop.

Promote BCRTA membership through the workshop.

From the Summary of Reports 2014

Committee members:  Dennis Anderson, Arnie Lambert, Annette O’Conner, Sheila Park, Al Cornes, Gerry Tiede (Chair)    While a healthy number of workshops have been delivered around the province this year the main activity of the committee has been a revision of the workshop curriculum.  Al Cornes has taken the leadership and done much of the work in condensing a lot of material into a 1 ½ hour workshop; the previous edition required a half-day workshop and we found that most often the workshop was scheduled for after school or a Professional Development Day when 1 ½ hours was the time limit.    The revision focuses on the non-financial aspects of planning a successful retirement.  We have also developed a web-based tool to help people deal with the financial decisions made at retirement or in the years after retirement that will soon be available to all on our BC RTA website under Plan Your Retirement with Us.    Presenters for the revised curriculum will have been trained and are available to present around the province.  We encourage local RTA chapters to team with local Professional Development chairs and School district officials to present this workshop in your area.  We believe this program can be an effect tool in recruiting new members to our association.  Contact Kristi in the RTA office to book a session.

Respectfully submitted,
Gerry Tiede, Chair





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