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BCRTA History

Did you know that soon after the BCTF was formed in 1916 retired teachers began meeting in homes in Victoria and Vancouver? These meetings eventually led to the formation of the BCRTA in 1945. It was first registered as a Society in 1955.

In the beginning volunteers ran their office. In 1965, the BCTF gave the retired teachers an office equipped with a desk, a typewriter, a telephone plus some files and records in their Burrard Street Building. This service has been continuous even after the BCTF moved to the Sixth Avenue building.

With the growth in membership and increasing demands for service, it was necessary to hire staff, at first, part-time, then full-time. Now there are two full time staff in the office.

Branches of the BCRTA were being formed around the province and were formally included in 1984. There currently are over 50 branches including a virtual branch in Northern Vancouver Island.

The Board of Directors who are elected from all areas of the province represent all retired teachers in British Columbia.