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The BCRTA prints a biography of a past President of the BCRTA in each issue of the Postscript.
To read the Biography click on the name below.


Doug Edgar, President 2010-2012

Sheila Pither, President 2008-2010 Written by Jane MacRae

Ron Awai, President 2006-2008 Written by Cliff Boldt

Sheila Gair, President 2004-2006

Owen Corcoran, President 2003-2004 Written by Owen Corcoran

Patrick T. Brady, President 2000-2003 Written by JoAnn Lauber

Sylvia MacLeay, President 1998-2000 Written by Jane MacRae

Bruce Watson, President ACER-CART 1997-1998 Written by Carolyn Prellwitz

Roald Feness, President 1997-1998 Written by Reg Miller

Frank Allder, President 1995-1996 Written by JoAnn Lauber

Les Skipsey, President 1993-1994 Written by Carol Baird-Krul

Peter Moffatt, President 1992-1993 Written by Linda Watson

Greta Nelson, President 1991-1992 Written by Steve Bailey

Reg Barry, President 1989-1990 Written by Judy de Vries

Lillian Holeton, President 1985-1987 Written by JoAnn Lauber

Norval Brown, President 1983-1985 Written by Doug Edgar

Art Rempel, President 1981-1983 Written by Merle Bennett & Patricia Wright