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Your basic pension gives you a paycheque for life after you retire from your job. It may also provide income for your spouse or dependant. Inflation protection helps your pension payment keep pace with the cost of living, and over time can mean significant and permanent increases to your guaranteed basic pension. In fact, the pension payment received today by a member who retired 20 years ago has increased approximately 69 per cent because of indexing. The EHB and voluntary dental plans use group "purchasing power" to give you access to comprehensive health coverage at a cost that would not be available to an individual outside the plan. These benefits offer good value, whether their premiums are subsidized by the plan or not.

Knowing what retirement benefits are available, and understanding that some of these benefits are not guaranteed and may change in future, will help you prepare for retirement.




Here are the dates that TEACHERS PENSION PLAN  pension payments are directly deposited to accounts in 2017


January 30             July 28

February 27          August 30

March 30              September 28

April 27                 October 30

May 30                  November 29

June 29                 December 21


For a list of Canada Pension Plan Payment dates, click here