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Committee Chair Gerry Tiede 604-538-8967
  Patricia Clough  
  Grace Wilson  
  Dale Lauber  
  Arnie Lambert  
  Al Cornes  
  Stefan Cieslik  


Committee Objectives for 2015/2016

  • Examine EHC and insurance programs available to our members.
    • What are the needs of our members
    • What is our role in improving the health care system
  • Monitor the new Johnson Plan
  • Monitor changes to senior CPI, CPP, OAS and DB plan health
  • Monitor issues in preparation for the 2017 provincial election


The Pension Plan - a PowerPoint presentation by Gerry Tiede, Committee Chair

To the 2014 BCRTA AGM September 26, 2014

The Pension Plan (pdf)

Pension Plan Myths - a PowerPoint presentation by Gerry Tiede, Committee Chair

A presentation to the Kootenay Columbia, Kootenay Lake West and Boundary Branches of the RTA, March 2013

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Teacher Pension update information

Share with your colleagues.

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Helpful Highlights of the Extended Health Care Plan

presentation by Gerry Tiede, Chair

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How the Teachers' Pension Plan Works

The Teachers' Pension Plan is a partnership governed by the Joint Trust Agreement between the Government of British Columbia (Plan Employer Partner) and the BC Teachers' Federation (Plan Member Partner). This Joint Trust Agreement came into effect on April 4, 2001.

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Teachers' Pension Plan EHC Plan with Pacific Blue Cross

The application form is available by clicking here

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EHC & Dental Booklet - Plan Details

Voluntary Extended Health Care Plan

Pacific Blue Cross:

Direct 604.419.2600

Toll Free in BC 1.888.275.4672

Toll Free elsewhere in Canada 1.888.873.9200

If you are a current member of a Blue Cross plan, you might want to take a careful look at Caresnet and how it can benefit you

click here to access Pacific Blue Cross website

BCTF Inflation Adjustment Account (IAA) Consultation 2010

Our Pension's inflation adjustment: The future is worth thinking about!

Members of the BCTF Executive Committee and the BCTF Pensions Committee visited each BCTF local to provide information to ALL Teachers' Pension Plan members, active and retired. They received input into possible changes to our pension plan and the provision of indexing and benefits through the Inflation Adjustment Account (IAA).

The 2010 BCTF AGM dealt with the immediate objective to achieve sustainable indexing by supporting the following options:

* Increase active teachers contribution to the IAA by 1%,

* Remove the Extended Health Benefits subsidy,

* Provide indexing only from age 60,

* Index only the lifetime portion of the pension.

Link to IAA information on the BCTF website

copy of Consultation presentation to the BCRTA AGM (pdf)

copy of "Our Pension: The future is worth thinking about!" (pdf)

Retirement Benefits: The Facts & the Challenge (pdf)

From the Summary of Reports 2014

Committee members:   Patricia Clough, Al Cornes, Dale Lauber,  Arnie Lambert, Carolyn Prellwitz, Grace Wilson, Gerry Tiede(Chair).Main Activities of the committee:
1.    Support and defend the defined benefits of the TPP.   Articles were submitted and published in Postscript with relevant information about our defined benefit pension plan.
2.    Pension committee chair made presentations in 14 local RTA organizations.  The majority of     the presentations were on saving members money by getting the maximum value from their health insurance plans and claiming all eligible expenses on income tax returns.
3.    Lobbied Johnson Insurance for improvements to MEDOC such as the removal of some pre-existing conditions from their list of conditions that moves a person to a higher rate category.  
4.    Coordinate responses to the Recommendations that came to the BCTF AGM regarding
5.    The Pension and Benefits gave input to our Table Officers in preparation for a meeting with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees regarding the increase to EHC premiums.     
Teachers’ Pension Plan
    Patricia Clough and Gerry Tiede attend all meetings of the Teachers’ Pension Plan Advisory Committee (TPPAC) to receive reports and to provide input concerning our members’ interests in the plan.  Membership in TPPAC includes the 5 member appointed Trustees, BCTF, Principals, Superintendents and retired member representatives.  Patricia Clough and Gerry Tiede also attend the BCTF Pension Committee meetings for the same purposes.
    The Teachers’ Pension Plan provided a cost-of-living increase of 1.1% this past January 1st.  This welcome news was tempered by the increase of 22% to the Extended Health Care premiums for the coverage administered by the TPP.       
Johnson Insurance
•    MEDOC policies in force (March 2014) – 9,243 plus 724 BCTF policies
•    Guaranteed Life insurance - 21
•    Term Life Insurance - 17
•    Long-Term Care – 58
•    Home insurance – 1.138
•    EHC Plan 2 - for members who are not eligible for the TPP EHC program. – 24
•    Johnson Insurance initiated a Pet Care insurance program at our 2013 AGMRespectfully submitted
Gerry Tiede, Chair



Pensions & Benefits - Postscript Articles

Summer 2010
BCTF 2010 AGM report; Tips for Planning a Trip; Johnson enhances Identity Theft coverage with additonal Identity Restoration benefits

Winter 2010
Pension Reform; Teachers' Pension Plan EHB plan Update

Fall 2010
Travel Information/Insurance; Discount Opportunities; MEDOC Travel Insurance Renewal

Spring 2010
Ken Smith (1940 - 2010); Pension payment dates; Long Term Care and Benefits of Care Coordination; Responsible Investing Report (April 2008 - March 2009); Responsible Investing; Ken Smith 1940 - 2010

Winter 2009
Have your say! (Pension Consultation); Deflation and your pension; A Medical Lesson Learned; Trip Cancellation coverage - Why is it automatically included in my policy?; Honesty is the best policy when completing the Health Option Questionnaire; Tax Tips for Retirees

Summer 2009
My Pension - What if i die?

Spring 2009
Pension Payment Dates; The Markets and your Pension Plan; Tax Time Nears; RRIF Rules Change; Loss of RRIF value may be re-gained; Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Winter 2008
Report of the (ACER-CART) Pension and Retirement Income Committee; Financial Market Turmoil; Inflation?; Single Trip Travel Insurance

Fall 2008
The Tax Free Savings Account; Good Intentions, or just Smoke?

Summer 2008
Travel discounts available for trips to specialists; Information Services for Seniors; Pension and Benefits Information; Changing pension options; Save the EHB and Dental plans; Living with the new Dental Plan; The information you need is a click away (CARESnet); Yesterday, your coverage was great. Today, it's gone platinum (Home Insurance)

Spring 2008
What is a Trustee; Government and Alberta Teachers reach Agreement; Is Inflation Higher for Seniors?; Pension Payment Dates