Wine Country RTA Christmas Luncheon 2019

Season’s Greetings:


On December 10th we had 32 people turn out for our annual Christmas Luncheon at The Olde Welcome Inn in Gallagher Lake just north of Oliver.

Bob Park and Huia Martin led us/accompanied us with a tuneful mix of Seasonal and Christmas Carols.

A couple of our members collected a generous amount of money from attendees, which was donated to the Food Banks both in Oliver and Osoyoos.


Respectfully submitted,


Left to Right clockwise: Ernie Milward (current President of South Okanagan Similkameen Teachers’ Union) Cheryl Halsted, past president SOSTU, Arthur Halsted, Ray Pitt, past president SOSTU.

Left to right clock wise, Bob Park, Marianne Hutterli, Kurt Hutterli, Brita Park, Heather Frank

L – R: Sherry Philpott-Adhikary, Jacquie Castellarin, Audrey Wescott. Stan Storwick (bottom left).

L – R: Donna Storwick, Ray Turner, Helene Mir

L – R: Jim Demetrick, Cathie Baskett, Toy Hearle, Donna Storwick

L – R: Jan Shannon, Yvonne Martin, Margaretha Hogeling, Christine Work

L – R Lynn-Raquel Welsch, Helen Leaske

L – R Lisa Demetrick, Jim Demetrick, George Fraser

Bob Park and Huia Martin (on guitar).