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Scholarship Trust Fund Drive

By News

Richmond Retired Teachers’ Association
Scholarship Trust Fund Foundation
Box 97114, Richmond Station Main, 7871 Westminster Highway,
Richmond, BC V6X 8H3

November 2019

Dear Colleague:

This communication is written asking you to consider sending a donation to the RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund. All contributions to the RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund are eligible for income tax deductions, so please give generously.

Like many other charities, the donations to the RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund were down from previous years, but thanks to the monies received from the Jean Myron estate, the Directors were able to continue to award 30 scholarships for the “Class of 2019” in each of the ten Richmond secondary schools. Every school received two scholarships of $2000.00 each in the name of Jean Myron and one award of $1000.00 as either a Richmond Retired Teachers’ Association Scholarship or as the Louise Campbell Scholarship. The Directors hope that contributions can return to their previous levels so that the $1000.00 awarded in the name of the Richmond Retired Teachers’ Association can continue to be presented to all ten schools.

The costs of post-secondary education continue to increase each year and the scholarship monies are greatly appreciated by the recipients as they continue their studies and their journey to achieve their goals. It is due to the generosity of the retired teachers of School District 38 (Richmond) that the Foundation can continue to grant these scholarships.

A donation form is at the end of this post.

Please make cheques payable to: RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund
Please mail your donations to:

RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund: Box 97114, Richmond Station Main, 7871 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC V6X 8H3

For your interest and information, the 2019 awards were presented to the following students:

  Jean Myron Scholarship – $2000

 Boyd Secondary        Sean Imoo, Breane Woogman

Burnett Secondary    Chelsea Huang, Steven Li

Cambie Secondary    Ashley Poon, Maryam Bhalloo

McMath Secondary   Michael Lam, Bowen Ge

McNair Secondary     Laurel Vint, Caitlyn Yee

MacNeill Secondary   Bella You, Josh Li

McRoberts Secondary    Rebecca Lee, Melody Li

Palmer Secondary       Christy Chan, Andrew Xie

Richmond Secondary   Raymond Lim, Rowell Sabahat

SLSS Secondary             Jesse Hsieh, Andrew Wong


RRTA Scholarship – $1000

Boyd Secondary         Jaidyn Nagra

Burnett Secondary     Angela Chen

Cambie Secondary     Brittany Tsang

McMath Secondary    Eva Bhalbrena

McNair Secondary      Cheyenne Tu

MacNeill Secondary    Tyra Chu

McRoberts Secondary   William Wang

Palmer Secondary        Zakiya Abdulaziz

Richmond Secondary Jing Wei Yu

SLSS Secondary         Sara Lee (Louise Campbell)


Directors of the RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund:
Chair: Glenn Kishi, Treasurer: Jim McLeod, Secretary: Donna Matheson
Members at Large:
Charan Gill, Don Lintott, Pat Walach

RRTA Scholarship Trust Fund DONATION FORM – November 2019

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