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Sample Letter Re Target Pension Plans

Sample letter to MP – short form   Date Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss Firstname A. Lastname, M.P. for ________________________ House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0A6   Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss: I am writing, as a member of the constituency of __________________, to express my opposition to the government’s Bill C-27 An Act to Amend the  Pension Benefits Standards Act.  […]

Bill C27 Backgrounder

  As it currently stands, Bill C-27 threatens to erode the retirement security of millions of Canadians. Learn more about how you can take action.   [1] A letter to Gary Oberg, Head of the Federal Superannuates ‎National Association (the National Association of Federal Retirees), July 23, 2015 [2] Tiede, Gerry. “Defined benefit pensions under […]

Bill C27

  BCRTA Response Strategy in a Nutshell Read the background information on this critical issue before taking any action (see Background to Bill C-27); (hyperlink) Make personal written contact with your federal MP (email or written letter); Encourage others to write, our goal is to ensure that each MP is contacted by 25 of their […]

Your Pensions Targeted

BCRTA Social Concerns Committee Report By Lynne Rodier, Social Concerns Committee Chairperson, McLeese Lake, BC The major focus of the June 20th meeting of the Social Concerns Committee was to develop a strategy for protesting Bill-C 27. The Bill, if passed, allows Defined Benefit plans to potentially be converted to Target Pension Plans. As it […]

First Year Free and More

BCRTA Membership Committee Report By Steve Bailey, Membership Committee Chairperson, Coquitlam, BC Our “first year complimentary BCRTA membership” offer is in full swing. The re-designed membership application form is now available on-line. Hard copies are available from the BCRTA office. Later this summer the BCTF will be mailing this material to all known 2017 retirees. […]

New Communications Initiatives

BCRTA Communications Committee Report By Bob Taverner, Communications Committee Chairperson, Nanaimo, BC After a series of sometimes intense meetings over this last year, reviewing all of the BCRTA’s methods of communicating with members, Communications Committee members were pleased to see most of their recommendations for change adopted by the Board. As a result, the makeup […]

Excellence in Public Education

BCRTA Excellence in Public Education Committee Report By Charan Gill, Excellence in Public Education Committee Chairperson, Richmond, BC It seems incredible that another year has gone by so quickly. The Excellence in Public Education Committee has met all of the 2016-2017 objectives as set out by the Board of Directors. The highlight of every year […]


Boundary Branch Executive BARTA was inaugurated July 2001. BARTA holds three General Membership meetings and the AGM each year. For the most part our members, meetings and activities are centered in the Grand Forks/Christina Lake area. BARTA is composed of the former Districts #12 (Grand Forks) and #13 (Kettle Valley), which were amalgamated to become […]