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Bill C27 – Still a Threat?

Bill C27 Update January 2018 Should the BCRTA still be concerned about Bill C-27? It had first reading on October 19, 2016 and lies apparently “dormant” in the federal legislative process. Some claim that the bill is “frozen” and poses no danger to us. Yet, on November 1, 2017, when the NDP attempted to table […]

Bill C27 Activity Summary Report January 2018

BCRTA Pension Advocacy Activity Regarding Bill C27 Contacts Made to January 23, 2018 MP Cathy McLeod, Con. Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo: visit by 10 retired teachers + one letter MP Joyce Murray, Lib. Vancouver Quadra: 1 letter MP Fin Donnelly, NDP, Port Moody – Coquitlam: 4 contacts — 1 letter, 2 emails + 1 “contact” PM Justin Trudeau, […]

Pension and Benefits Committee Update Jan 2018

The committee made these recommendations that were passed by the Executive and are in process: Cooperate with COSCO by providing technical support in the development of a petition opposed to Bill C-27 Hire an independent insurance consultant to review the financial reporting we receive from Johnson’s Insurance. We believe that we had had excellent service […]

Well-being Updates

The Well-Being committee will be providing four pages of articles for the spring edition of PostScript including one on the present disjointed BC Pharmacare program, one on senior recreation involving Pickle Ball, one on a personal experience showing the need for a will, and an article on the need to keep on top of eye […]

Membership Initiatives

This year’s “complimentary first year membership” campaign has resulted in a significant increase in BCRTA membership. The campaign is being extended in the wake of its success. The Committee is also looking at some other innovative strategies for membership enhancement. We are working with Tim Anderson of Alphabet Communications to develop some promotional “swag” for […]

Communications Update

The November meeting of the Communications Committee was largely about acknowledging the progress being made in BCRTA communications so far, and looking at ways in which to keep the progress happening. Tim Anderson of Alphabet Communications, hired on an initial, part-time, 3-month contract by the Board, met before our meeting with the IT subcommittee, to […]

The TPP Cost of Living Increase is 1.6%

While the Board of Trustees hasn’t approved any cost of living increase to our Teachers’ Pension yet, the Canadian Consumer Price Index showed an increase of 1.6%, year over year, for the month of September. Since we know that the Inflation Adjustment Account has a healthy balance we can predict that our pensions will be […]

How do cost-of-living increases to my pension work?

Every year the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees look at the September Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada. The September CPI measures inflation over the year – from September 2016 to September 2017. Then, if there is enough money in our Inflation Adjustment Account, the Trustees grant an increase to our pensions equal to the […]

Scam Alert!

Last week our 1st Vice President (Gerry) got an email pretending to be from our President (Patricia) asking for some information to hurry the payment of an outstanding bill. Everything looked legitimate including Patricia’s email address but of course this was a ‘phishing’ expedition to gain account information. We have seen these fraudulent attempts before […]

Strategic Planning Session Held

The Board held a second, full-day strategic planning session this past week. We reviewed the process, compared our strategic plans with that of similar organizations, completed a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and began to review and update our goals. We were very capably led by Al Baliniuk, who besides being an expert […]