About the BCRTA


After the BC Teachers’ Federation was formed in 1917, retired teachers began meeting in private homes in Vancouver, and they formed themselves into an association with the primary purpose of improving teachers’ pensions. At about the same time a group of retired teachers in Victoria formed an association with the same goal. In time the two groups joined in common purpose, which led to the formation in 1945 of the BCRTA. The B.C. Retired Teachers’ Association was incorporated as a Society in 1955 with its main objective “to guard the interests and to promote the welfare of its members.”


The mission of the BCRTA is the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of life for its members specifically and other seniors generally. The purpose of the BCRTA is to promote the interests of the members, to provide information and advice to members on retirement programmes and benefits, to communicate to members on the activities of the Association and issues of common interest, and to promote excellence in public education.

Special Benefits Packages and Members’ Advantage Program

BCRTA members have access to exclusive Extended Health Benefits packages, Insurance Plans and other financial services. In addition, our Members’ Advantage Plan connects our members to a wide range of discount offers and special promotions on travel, accommodation, car rental, recreation experiences and other products and services.



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