Living Well in Retirement
(a BCRTA Guide)


  • learn more about retirement – take part in BCRTA Pre-retirement Workshops where you will find great information and plenty of resources
  • get your current information from Teachers’ Pension Plan about your Teachers’ Pension, and Service Canada regarding your Canada Pension Plan and OAS
  • engage the help of a Certified Financial Planner for personalized advice – take along all the info you generated from the Pre-retirement Workshop
  • check in with your HR department regarding timelines for retirement


  • review your Extended Health Care for your remaining months of work – determine the last day you will be covered
  • maximize your claims under your current more generous insurance plans BEFORE you retire (dental, eyewear, hearing, etc.)
  • compare the retirement EHC plans – select the one with suitable coverage for you and a track record of good service to retirees
  • set a date for your transition to retirement, and make note of what you need to do to continue coverage – don’t let your coverage lapse!


  • apply for BCRTA membership – see which branch suits you
  • advise your HR department of your retirement date
  • apply for your TPP pension online at Pensions BC, and your CPP and OAS (if applicable) via Service Canada
  • sign up for voluntary EHC benefits and travel insurance


  • congratulations – you are retired! take some time for yourself – you’ve earned some space
  • find a “growing edge” in something new – BCTRA’s PostScript magazine will inspire you as colleagues explore new frontiers and share memories
  • reconnect with the friends and colleagues you have wanted to see and make new friends, too, at your BCRTA Branch events
  • save money by using BCRTA Advantage Partner offers for hundreds of products and services
  • consider giving of your time as a volunteer in the community


  • stay in touch on pension and benefit issues that affect retirees – BCRTA Connections newsletter
  • with your peers in BCRTA, have a strong voice for public health care and public education
  • take part in the BCRTA annual conference, webinars and other events for good information and the opportunity to win a prize
  • consider what you might contribute as a member of a BCRTA branch or committee