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Informative Articles


Some Recommended Books on Writing

Dorothea Brande: Becoming a Writer

William Zinsser: On Writing Well

Anne Lamott: Bird by Bird

John McPhee: Draft No. 4


Writing for PostScript

PostScript Submissions

PostScript is looking for fresh, engaging articles submitted by BCRTA members and topic experts.

Articles from 150 to 1500 words are welcome, but longer pieces especially must be substantial and accomplished. Authors agree to have their submission edited for length, clarity and ease of reading.

We appreciate all submissions, but only selected submissions make it into the publication. We generally compensate with printed copies of the magazine.

Topics of Interest

The PostScript editorial team is looking for articles on:

  • Moving house: downsizing, changing cities, moving up-country, planning for care
  • Travel experiences – recommendations, adventures
  • Local history of particularly interesting characters and episodes in BC’s education system.
  • Stories of active retired teachers, especially stories of creative endeavors, community service, personal re-invention, areas of growth and celebration.

PostScript Reader Profile

British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association is over 16,000 members strong and growing every month. Our typical members are:

  • Interested in Financial Planning and Management
  • Active travelers and readers
  • Interested in education and cross-generational initiatives
  • Open to new experiences
  • Interested in best value for products and services

Style and Structure

Writing that suits us best is crisp, detailed and well-organized. A personal dimension is welcomed when the material suits it. Submissions for reprints with permission from author/publication are welcomed. Writing and reprint credits are given.

Bullet points are appropriate for more technical pieces. Study mainstream news articles for style hints.

For more substantial pieces, it is preferred that you cite sources and provide contact details for people involved, where appropriate.

Sending Documents

We prefer submissions in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Email them to postscript@bcrta.ca.

Permissions and Editing

PostScript reserves the right to edit all submitted material for style and length. If the material has been published elsewhere first, permission from the copyright holder is required. Authors retain copyright of their work, and assign serial publication rights to PostScript to print, and to BCRTA to publish online (in some cases).


Photographs are welcome with articles or as separate submission. We use photos for covers, article illustration or as content for its own sake. Credits will be given – include your name and location. Photos should be submitted as a separate file, not embedded in an article or email. For best results we prefer photos with dimensions of at least 300 pixels per inch, so the largest version of your photo is best.

Book Profiles

From time to time PostScript will highlight books written by BCRTA members. This may range from a brief profile to a longer book review. When submitting information about your book, include a high resolution version of the cover, author and publisher names, and where readers can get a copy.

How to Submit

Email queries are encouraged, especially for more substantial pieces. Your message should include details about the topic, likely length, and how you hope this piece will interest our members. If you have had articles published previously, let us know.

Contact PostScript