The Heritage Committee is preparing a BCRTA history for the years 2000 to the present. We would appreciate any pictures or news stories you have in your files. Some suggested items are pictures of speakers at our AGMs, installation of plaques, Golden Apple Awards, special events in your branch. Some items in the history to 1999 came from branch newsletters. Items can be e-mailed or sent as hard copy. If you want hard copies returned, be sure to label them or send instructions. Send materials to:



Janice Androsoff, Heritage Chair
550 West 6th Avenue, Suite 100
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4P2

Video Initiative from Communications

The Communications Committee, like all our Board committees, is reviewing its role and the appropriate Policy and Procedure sections of the BCRTA Handbook. This is an opportunity to review and remind ourselves of the work we do as volunteers for the BCRTA, and update sections of the Handbook as the organization continues to grow. As a member-led organization with staff, we balance roles and responsibilities to reflect this.

The Committee is pleased to report that readership of both PostScript and Connections continues to grow. Members are, as always, encouraged to submit articles/ideas/suggestions via email either at postscript@bcrta.ca or connections@bcrta.ca

The IT sub-committee with the help of BCTF production staff had a successful round of video interviews with Directors and with members of a number of BCRTA Committees. Sterling Campbell and Dave Scott were wonderful interviewers, putting us at ease and making the experience both interesting and exciting. The questions ranged from why we value the BCRTA, to why retirees should join the BCRTA, to what we personally are doing to have a successful retirement. This material will be used in our Pension Workshops and to promote ourselves to retired educators around BC.

With this early success, it may be that new careers are opening up for some of our group! Interviews with our Board and special guests will continue throughout the coming year.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Charan Gill
Chair, Communications Committee

Revolutionary Thoughts for Retirees and Seniors

At different stages of our lives there are many pressures that we face and this is true for those of us on our journey as seniors and retirees. Here are a couple thoughts you might wish to reflect on. They may be counter-intuitive.

Don’t Be Frugal.

It’s time to use the money you have saved up. Use it and enjoy it. Don’t just keep it for those who have no notion of the sacrifices you made to get it. Also remember, there is nothing more dangerous than other people with big ideas for your hard-earned capital. So heed this warning: This is usually a bad time for risky investments even if they seem wonderful or fool-proof. They only bring problems and worries. This is a time for you to enjoy some peace, quiet, and enjoyment out life.

Your Kids Need Your Love, Not Your Money.

Stop worrying about the financial situation of your children and/or grandchildren, and don’t feel bad spending your money on yourself. You’ve taken care of them for many years and you’ve taught them what you could. You gave them an education, food, shelter, and support. The responsibility is now for them to take flight and fly for themselves.

Life is Serious Business. Until You Have Some Fun.

Who knows, by watching you, your kids might learn a few things about self-care in the senior years!

BCRTA Well-Being Committee

Finance Updates January 2019

Between the end of November and the end of January we signed up 91 new members.

An executive review of our PST expenses showed that we were paying the provincial tax on the printing of our publications, though such spending is PST-exempt. Office staff combed through the last four years of printing bills, submitted a claim and in January the BCRTA received a refund cheque from the BC Minister of Finance for $16,500.

The Board has authorized the purchase of some new computer equipment, as our existing systems have completed their depreciation cycle, and in some cases were no longer supported. The need for reliability in our data and backup systems made the purchase a number one priority. A new backup system is now in place. We are also pleased to inform you that we can now accept payments using credit cards in person and by phone.

Also on the technology and systems front, the BCRTA is working with our auditor to identify and implement accounting software solutions that will meet the needs of our changing organization.

In every household, there comes a time when the accumulation of material becomes such that there is a need to purge. That time arrived in the BCRTA photocopy room in November and continues. Apart from “just house cleaning” the necessity of rearranging office space was imperative. The executive director needs an office and board members will benefit from a discrete work/meeting space. To that end the Finance Committee recommended and the Board agreed to spend up to $20,000 from the Growth and Expansion Fund for renovations to our existing office space and up to $10,000 for furniture/fixtures from the Capital Fund. Authorization, labour and timelines for this renovation are under the jurisdiction of the BCTF as they own the building.

Finally, we continue to seek efficiency in spending and investing. One GIC matures in February and a decision has been made to cash that in and hold it in our high interest (1.85%) cash account until needed.

Grace Wilson
1st VP and Treasurer

National Petition for Pension Security Launched by ACER-CART

The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) has posted an e-petition on the House of Commons petition site to encourage government to increase the security of retirement income. The petition seeks to minimize attempts to cause seniors to surrender rights to their earned pensions, and also to provide insurance for pensioners when their failed employers cannot or will not fulfill the promises they made.

As part of this initiative, ACER-CART has made information available on the website pensionsecurity.ca which provides the wording of the petition and links to sign it.

The rationale for this new petition:

  • The number of defined benefit pension plans in Canada have declined even though they are the most efficient and secure way to fund retirement income.
  • The introduction of Target Benefit plans, whereby members surrender their secure defined pension benefits, would transfer the risk to plan members, which inevitably reduces pension payments to vulnerable seniors.
  • Private sector pension plans members, like Sears Canada employees, suffer when a business closes because the pension plan promises are at the lowest priority, behind investors, management bonuses and corporate profits.

This petition asks government to affirm the principle that pension promises cannot be broken for any service that has already been earned.  It also asks government to protect the pensions of retirees by providing an insurance plan, paid for by pension plans, that would guarantee the benefits of retirees if their plan closes.

See the wording of the petition.

You may participate in this e-petition even if you have already participated in previous paper petitions concerning Target Pension Plans as this petition language is different.

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TPP announces 2.2% increase for 2019

The BC Teachers’ Pension Plan has announced a 2.2% cost of living increase for 2019. Cost of living increases are not guaranteed, but once received they establish a new baseline for pensions.

To see a recent history of annual increases, go to https://tpp.pensionsbc.ca/what-cost-of-living-adjustments-have-been-granted.

The pension payment dates for 2019 have been set as follows:

January 30
February 27
March 28
April 29

May 30
June 27
July 30
August 29

September 27
October 30
November 28
December 23


The BCRTA Pensions and Benefits Committee recently did an in-depth analysis of cost of living adjustments for BC retired teachers, and how teachers in BC fare compared to other provinces. You can view that report here.

A Christmas to Remember

On December 25, 1976, I experienced the real meaning of Christmas in an unforgettable way. My then fiancée, Jeanie, and I left Langley early in the morning to spend Christmas with my parents in Williams Lake. At 6:30, in a forested area near Spuzzum, the engine of my car blew up, leaving us stranded on the side of the road. What to do? No cell phones in 1976!

There was a house some distance away with smoke coming out of the chimney and we dared to ring the doorbell. “Merry Christmas!” was the hearty greeting from the nightgown-clad couple who wouldn’t let us say anything until we were comfortably seated in the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee. We finally explained our unfortunate plight and they called the Greyhound station in Hope to arrange a pickup by the next bus, they towed our car off the highway where it would be safe, and fed us breakfast. They had an electric organ and, being musicians, we spent the next hours playing and singing Christmas carols together like old friends.

Giving, sharing and loving – isn’t that the heart of Christmas? I hope that you can share that spirit this Christmas with friends and family and maybe even total strangers that ring your doorbell at 6:30 on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from the BCRTA Board of Directors!

Gerry Tiede

Speak Up For Pension Security by Dec 21!

The security of our pensions is of highest importance to BCRTA members and all retired persons in Canada. The Government of Canada has recently announced a consultation on enhancing retirement security.

Act fast – the government has set a deadline for submissions of December 21, 2018.

It is easy to participate. Here’s how:

Click https://bcrta.ca/pension-consultation/ and you will be directed to a government site with a feedback form. Enter your name, email and region. Then you may enter a short statement of what is important to you.

Here are a few starter ideas for comments that our Pension and Benefits Committee suggest you include – in your own language. Pick one or two and personalize them with your thoughts.

  • Pension members should not live in fear that their defined benefit pension benefits might be surrendered, leaving them with a less secure form of pension.
  • A person’s pension is a contractual promise, paid for personally and by their deferred wages from their employer. Contracts must be honoured.
  • Pensioners should not be the most vulnerable when a company goes bankrupt. The pension plan should have first claim on the company assets or there should be a national pension insurance program to protect the pensioner.

When you’ve personalized your feedback, hit the ‘Submit’ button and pat yourself on the back – you’ve exercised your democratic right!

A high participation rate sends a message that pension security is an important election issue!

BCRTA Advantage Program Offers Shopping Value

BCRTA members are encouraged to view potential savings from our Advantage Partners. Our Advantage Partners offer significant savings on items you use every day, and gifts, too.

Here is one example: join BCRTA Partner Perkopolis and get 20% off movie tickets for the movie lovers in your family.

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