2021-2022 Board: Continuity and New Faces


The 76th Meeting of the BCRTA saw Grace Wilson acclaimed for a second year as President. New faces on the board are Brenda Jones of Surrey and Stephanie Koropatnick, from Parksville-Qualicum.

In her remarks, Grace Wilson commented about the many ways in which the BCRTA advocates for, supports and reaches out to our members. While our circumstances will always be changing, she emphasized the importance of serving our members and caring for the resources of the association.

A number of directors have new responsibilities for 2021-2022. Notably, Caroline Malm will serve as both 2nd Vice-President and as Chair of Finance. Gerry Tiede continues on as a member of the
Pensions and Benefits Committee, which now has 1st Vice-President Arnie Lambert as chair. Terry Green moves to chair the Communications committee, while Pat Thiesen now chairs the Well-being Committee. Steve Bailey has been named chair of the Excellence in Public Education committee and continues as ACER-CART representative.

Directors continuing in their roles from last year include Dave Scott (Membership), and Janice Androsoff (Heritage).

2021 Conference A Success


BCRTA’s Conference 2021 continued our tradition of engaging and informative presentations with a free online conference that ran for two mornings on September 30 and October 1, 2021.

Moderator Caroline Malm put together an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, who lived up to the anticipation.

Technology trainer Linda Fawcus spoke on the topic of “Cyber Wellness”, touching on the changes in technology, the particular needs of retirees, and security considerations in today’s environment. Her keynote session is available online.

James McCormack, a professor from UBC who has won teaching awards at the provincial, national and international levels, offered a presentation on nutrution that served up equal parts of whimsy and scientific method. McCormack’s data-packed talk is now posted on the BCRTA website.

The final keynote address was given by Brian Minter, the master gardener known nationally for his personable media presence. With his many years as an advocate for home gardening, Minter offered a thoughtful perspective on how gardening can address the needs of society today in his talk “Reconnecting People to Plants, Wildlife, and the Planet”. Brian Minter’s talk is now available to stream.

After a year’s delay, this year’s conference marked the celebration of BCRTA’s 75th anniversary, and featured a montage of tributes sent from across Canada and from branches across BC. Our association has made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of retirees for the past three quarters of a century. The tribute video is now available on YouTube.

The conference was rounded out by our annual traditions of the Golden Star Awards, branch Membership Awards, and our celebration of member contributions to our magazine in the 2021 PostScript Excellence Awards, as noted on other pages of this issue of Connections.

Well done, everyone!

Some Conference Viewer Comments

• The speakers were very informative and there was a good scope of information. The entire 3 days were
informative, motivating and just all around great.

• I really enjoyed the Conference. The presenters provide excellent information in a thought-provoking manner.

• The whole Conference and AGM was well run and the speakers were timely and enjoyable. The virtual version worked very well.

• Excellent job done by all involved. Great presenters.

• Excellent, well organized, and engaging conference. Well done!

• Liked the Gold Star Awards and the Postscript Awards. The AGM and RR Smith portions were also good. Information re: Johnson and pension were good.

• I loved it and especially having the convention posted from Day#1 and #2 on YouTube. These keynote speakers are well-worth listening to again.

• Keep doing what you are doing!

Finance Update November 2021

The Finance Committee met for the first time this fiscal year on October 25, 2021.

New members Terry Green and Elaine Thompson joined returning members Arnie Lambert, Caroline Malm (Chair), Dave Scott, Gerry Tiede and Grace Wilson (Co-chair). Staff members Tim Anderson and Kristi Josephson (Recorder) also attended.

The Committee is very pleased to note that BCRTA is currently in a healthy financial position. However, we must plan ahead for future challenges. As one example, we currently enjoy the use of office space at no cost. If for some reason needs change for our host in the future and we were to lose the space currently kindly provided by the BCTF, we would have to have the finances to facilitate a relocation and maintenance of new space.

The Committee looked at the GIC’s coming due in December and is investigating further investment of the monies. The Committee is also considering making additional investments and is in the process of determining the best time to do so in order to get the best rate of return.

Our next Zoom meeting will be held on November 29, 2021.

Caroline Malm
Chair, Finance Committee

Linda Fawcus on Cyber Wellness – Tech for Retirees

2021 Conference Presentation

Linda Fawcus is the founder of GLUU Technology Society, with a mission to equip seniors to safely use technology. In this presentation she highlights recent trends in technology that impact our daily lives. She then gives some practical security tips to protect your personal information, and what to do if your data has been compromised.

This presentation is from BCRTA’s 2021 Conference.

2021 Golden Star Awards – Interviews

2021 Conference Presentation

The Chair of BCRTA’s Excellence in Public Education Committee, Caroline Malm, presents a series of interviews with this year’s winners of BCRTA’s Golden Star Awards.

The Golden Star Awards celebrate school programs that promote positive intergenerational interaction of students with seniors in their community.

This presentation was part of BCRTA’s 2021 Conference.

2021 PostScript Excellence Awards

2021 Conference Presentation

Each year at our conference, BCRTA celebrates the contributions of BCRTA members to our flagship publication, PostScript Magazine. With a wealth of material to review, our Communications Committee had much to choose from as they selected our winners. BCRTA’s Executive Director and Editor of PostScript, Tim Anderson, reviews our nominees and gives three finalists the news that they have won a PostScript Excellence Award.

This presentation was part of BCRTA’s 2021 Conference.

Brian Minter – Reconnecting People to Plants, Wildlife and the Planet

2021 Conference Presentation

Brian Minter is Canada’s most respected master gardener. A member of the Order of Canada and former Chancellor of the University of the Fraser Valley, Brian is an author, broadcaster, entrepreneur, community leader and advocate for the environment.

This presentation was made at BCRTA’s 2021 Conference.

Dr. James McCormack on the Science of Nutrition: Myths and Fact

2021 Conference Presentation

Dr. James McCormack is a professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has won teaching awards at the provincial, national and international level.
James joins us to offer a provocative and often hilarious take on the myths and truths of the science of nutrition.

Dr. McCormack has presented over 400 seminars on drug therapy over the last 25 years, focusing on shared-informed decision-making using evidence based information and rational therapeutic principles. In addition, he has published over 100 articles, mainly in the area of rational drug therapy, and served as an editor for two internationally recognized textbooks on rational drug therapy. He is also the co-host of a very popular weekly podcast called the Best Science (BS) Medicine podcast, which can be found at therapeuticseducation.org and the iTunes store.

This talk is from the 2021 Conference of the BC Retired Teachers’ Association.

Membership Awards 2021

2021 Conference Presentation

BCRTA Director Dave Scott presents BCRTA’s 2021 Membership Awards.