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If you have any questions about membership application process feel free to contact us at (604) 871-2260 or toll free 1-877-683-2243


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Pamphlet about the work of BCRTA and Affiliates (pdf)


The primary value of the BCRTA is that members will continue to have an Association to speak with one voice about their economic interests and concerns.
In this aspect, the BCRTA replaces the professional association which served the same interests in the years before retirement.


 Did you know that some of the most valued benefits of membership in the British Columbia Retired Teachers' Association are its insurance plans administered by Johnson Inc. competitive, affordable, and comprehensive, they are designed to meet the individual needs of retired educators, and include home insurance, long- term care insurance, life insurance and legacy planning, and travel insurance. All feature group rates based on a population of preferred clientele.

The travel insurance, MEDOC, is especially attractive to people in their new - found freedom to travel -- off- season, when the price is right. The "golden umbrella" that accompanies members worry-free around the world, it provides out-of- province emergency medical coverage, and at no additional charge, trip cancellation, and interruption and delay insurance. Applicants are not restricted because of age or preexisting medical conditions, and those who subscribe to MEDOC attest to its excellent service. 


Benefits of Membership

The opportunity to engage in branch social activities such as luncheons, day trips, sports events, speakers and entertainment - all of which permit continuing contact with colleagues from your working days as an educator;

Input into pension concerns through our representatives on TPPAC, the Teachers' Pension Plan Advisory Committee;Input into pension decisions through the Pension Plan Trustees who deal with the challenges of maintaining pension indexing and health benefits (One of the ten Pension Plan trustees is nominated by the BCTF specifically to represent retired teachers.);

An opportunity, as a member of the R.R. Smith Foundation, to support educational projects in BC, the rest of Canada, and abroad.

The means by which to keep current on matters pertaining to the interests of retired teachers through an excellent BCRTA publication, Postscript, which you will receive four times a year, and through your local branch newsletter (Most branches publish a bulletin to keep you apprised of activities in your area.);

Representation through the BCRTA on the executive of ACER-CART, the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers, which is influential on matters concerning seniors as citizens of Canada; and Affiliation with COSCO (the Council of Senior Citizens' Organization), which represents about 60,000 BC seniors and advocates on your behalf;

In summary, joining the BCRTA means membership in an organization that exists to "guard the interests and to promote the welfare" of retired educators throughout the province.

The British Columbia Retired Teachers' Association is open to all retired
educators from the province of B.C., to retired educators from a jurisdiction outside of
B.C., and to Post Secondary educators.


The primary value of the BCRTA is to ensure that retirees have an association,
which speaks with one voice about their economic interests and concerns.









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