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Jo-Ann Lauber’s comprehensive article on the Dr. Brian Day court case is now posted on the ACER-CART website at It is entitled “Privitization – Challenging the Public Health Care System” and is posted under “latest news”. Also featured under ACER-CART “latest news” is Gerry Tiede’s address to the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association entitled “Protecting Pensions”.

The latest communications from Seniors’ Minister Deb Schulte are also posted on the website. These are regularly distributed to members of the BCRTA Board of Directors and provide valuable updates to the latest COVID-19 information.

The BCRTA has also made a submission to ACER-CART’s Pension and Retirement Income Committee. The Committee is collating comparative evidence relating to retirement and pension plans across the country. This effort provides a way of creating a more complete picture of where our pension plans stand so we can lobby more effectively in terms of pension protection.

Steve Bailey is BCRTA’s representative to ACER-CART.