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BCRTA offered members a chance to have “coffee with a friend” in December with a special giveaway contest. BCRTA members could enter their name and the name of a friend. Winners received a coffee-themed gift basket delivered to their home, and their friend received one too. Over 3,000 contest entries were received!

Gift basket winners were announced at the 2020 Christmas Online Social by BCRTA Executive Director Tim Anderson and President Grace Wilson.

Our winners were:

  • Kathleen H and friend Carla,
  • Ivan S. and friend Megan, and
  • Judy Y. and friend Randi.

The online Christmas presentation included a greeting from President Grace Wilson, music from Diana Wort and some scenes from Dicken’s A Christmas Carol by actor Ron Reed. Over 1,000 BCRTA members tuned in via Zoom and YouTube live.

With the success of the giveaway contest and online presentation, similar events are sure to follow!