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The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) is a national body that BCRTA works within to advocate for the needs of retired teachers and seniors in a federal context. ACER-CART recently sent a series of four questions about seniors issues to the major political parties. Three of the parties responded.

View the responses here (PDF file).

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About the ACER-CART 2019 Election Questions for Candidates

BCRTA cooperated with the Canadian Association of Retired teachers to write and distribute an election issues brochure to prepare our members for the 2019 Federal Election. BCRTA is a non-partisan association and we do not endorse a party, but we do work hard to focus attention on the issues that affect seniors. We identified four issues that apply to retired teachers and all seniors:

1. Pension Security

2. National Pharmacare Plan

3. Opposition to the privatization of medical services

4. A National Seniors Strategy on Healthy Aging.

The questions submitted to the parties were general questions that addressed each of the four issues. More detailed questions suitable for dialogue with a candidate are in the booklet.

You can download the resource from our website at:

How to use the brochure:

• Use this background information to help understand and determine your own priorities.

• Use these questions when candidates or their agents phone you seeking support.

• Use this brochure when you are talking with friends and family about the election issues.

• Use the information and questions when you attend All-Candidates meetings. Ask all candidates the same questions.

• Use the answers you get from the candidates to determine who you will vote for.