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The Finance Committee met for the first time this fiscal year on October 25, 2021.

New members Terry Green and Elaine Thompson joined returning members Arnie Lambert, Caroline Malm (Chair), Dave Scott, Gerry Tiede and Grace Wilson (Co-chair). Staff members Tim Anderson and Kristi Josephson (Recorder) also attended.

The Committee is very pleased to note that BCRTA is currently in a healthy financial position. However, we must plan ahead for future challenges. As one example, we currently enjoy the use of office space at no cost. If for some reason needs change for our host in the future and we were to lose the space currently kindly provided by the BCTF, we would have to have the finances to facilitate a relocation and maintenance of new space.

The Committee looked at the GIC’s coming due in December and is investigating further investment of the monies. The Committee is also considering making additional investments and is in the process of determining the best time to do so in order to get the best rate of return.

Our next Zoom meeting will be held on November 29, 2021.

Caroline Malm
Chair, Finance Committee