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Just a short note to remind you to get your annual “Flu” shot. As a senior, it is recommended that you get the High Dose Fluzone version of the vaccine (costs about $80), but it will not be available for distribution until later in November this year. That being the case, if you are one of the more vulnerable in our society, you shouldn’t wait for the High Dose, you should get the standard (and free) version of the flu vaccine from your own doctor or pharmacist who are giving the vaccinations now. It is better to get basic protection against the virus that is already here in BC. It not only protects you from getting sick but all those people you come in contact with – friends, family (especially grandkids), and your community will have protection, too.

While you are getting your flu vaccination, check to see if you should up-date other vaccinations – shingles, tetanus, and pneumonia.

Pat Thiesen
Well-Being Committee