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Steve Bailey, Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee recommended to the BCRTA Board of directors that the First-Time Complimentary Membership Campaign be extended beyond its current time limit. The Board unanimously accepted this proposal. The campaign has resulted in significant growth in new memberships. Thanks to the BCTF for its mail out to all retiring members, and to the great work on the BCRTA website that helped make all this possible. Our outreach to retiring teachers through our pensions and benefits workshops and through the Pension Corporation workshops will continue to support this successful effort.

In this regard, please have a look at the Pension Corporation workshops scheduled in your area over the next several months to see if you can attend one in your branch area. Look for the registration page of the “Approaching Retirement” workshop on the teachers’ pension plan website and look at the schedule. There are two things to do to prepare to attend:

  1. Email Marla Madelung to request that you attend specific seminar (time and location) as a representative of the BCRTA. Her email is
  2. Request information and membership forms from Laurie at the BCRTA office ahead of time. These will be sent out to you.

Please arrive about one half hour before the scheduled start time to hand out information and talk to registrants as they arrive. Offer to help the seminar presenter in any way you can. Plan to stay for the first 15 minutes of the session to catch any late-comers. Please urge those within a few years of retirement to join the BCRTA as an associate member in order to take advantage of our Members’ Advantage and insurance programs. Ask them to have a look at the BCRTA website for more information.

The Membership Committee is undertaking a pilot project this year involving branding merchandise for the BCRTA similar to that found in other provincial retired teachers’ organizations. If you have any ideas, please let us know at

Please urge your branch members to use the services of our Members’ Advantage partners. Do some comparative shopping for goods and services. A BCRTA Members’ Advantage partner might save you some money.