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BCRTA forms New Committee

The inaugural meeting of the Well-being Committee was held on October 24, 2017. This committee is an amalgamation of the former Health and Housing Committee and the Social Concerns Committee. The intent of the committee is to address and inform BCRTA members about developments and issues that relate to wellness in all its facets. The committee developed the following definition of Well-being:

Well-being is defined as the interconnected dimensions of the physical, mental, material, emotional, social and spiritual health of the members of the BCRTA including awareness of developments and issues relating to the well-being of retired teachers and seniors in general.

For this year, the committee’s goals are to have four pages of each PostScript Magazine devoted to well-being items and to work to inform our membership about supporting initiatives devoted to having the federal government create and implement a national single-payer pharmaceutical program. As a committee we will also be asking branches to consider aligning their committee structure to match this new committee so they can have input and provide advice to the committee.

Reported by: Terry Green