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The Board has developed a Strategic Plan to promote the desired growth and revitalization of the Association in the next 3 years. The plan was introduced to members at our Annual Conference and AGM in September 2017. The document provides some context and then goes on to identify five major goals.

Following the introduction at the conference, members met in their zone groupings and were encouraged to provide feedback on the general direction of the strategic plan as well as provide specific suggestions or concerns about the plans. This posting is your opportunity to add you feedback to the process. The Board will be meeting late in November, so any feedback received by Nov. 20th will be included in the Board package. But, as this is a long-term process we welcome feedback at any time.

Click the links below for further information:

  1. The Strategic Plan document (PDF)
  2. Strategic Plan Feedback Highlights: A summarized report (PDF) of the feedback received from members at the Annual Conference. If you wish the complete listing of the eleven pages of feedback, please contact
  3. A blank feed-back form that you can use, if you wish, to respond.

Please send your responses, questions or suggestions to