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Sample Letter Re Target Pension Plans

By September 12, 2017November 6th, 2017No Comments

Sample letter to MP – short form



Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss Firstname A. Lastname,

M.P. for ________________________

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0A6


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss:

I am writing, as a member of the constituency of __________________, to express my opposition to the government’s Bill C-27 An Act to Amend the  Pension Benefits Standards Act.   I ask that you seek the withdrawal of this bill now.

I am concerned that this legislation would encourage employers to pressure their employees and retirees to surrender their defined benefit plans in favour of target benefit plans, thus leaving hundreds of thousands of Canadians facing income insecurity in their retirement.

I would encourage parliament, both government and opposition, to focus its energies on creating a legislative and economic environment in which defined benefit pension plans can thrive and expand.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  I look forward to your timely reply.