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Special Guests

Stuart Morgan
Executive Director
Teachers' Pension Plan


Linda Fawcus
Founder & CEO
Gluu Society


Jillian Price
Chief Audiologist
Hearing Life Canada


Linda Fawcus is well-known to BCRTA members for her expertise on making technology understandable. On our broadcast Linda answers our questions about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is affecting our lives, for better and for worse. Most importantly, she outlines some ways you can take advantage of what AI has to offer, while protecting yourself from its flaws.

Jillian Price joins us to review our hearing health and to talk about how the latest technology is transforming how we listen and connect with others.

Stuart Morgan is the Executive Director of the Teachers’ Pension Plan, and joins us to talk about the security of our pension, and to give us some insight into how it has emerged as one of Canada’s most reliable pension funds.

Your hosts: Tim Anderson, Executive Director of BCRTA; David Denyer, Chair of BCRTA’s Communications Committee; and Linda Watson, Chair of BCRTA’s Pension and Benefits Committee.


Celebrating the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day


Lunar New Year Gift Basket

Winners were announced on Feb 9th:

  • Daphne S. and friend
  • Karen V. and friend
  • Mariko N. and friend

Thanks to all who entered!