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Workshop: Writing for Magazines and Newsletters

BCRTA held our first Writers’ Workshop on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. This informative workshop is sponsored by PostScript Magazine.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Have you ever considered writing an article for PostScript or any other publication? Or perhaps you have written before, but would like to learn how to make your next article more effective.


This workshop covers:

  • getting started
  • elements of an effective article
  • establishing a focus
  • readability and connection
  • matching your article structure to its genre
  • the editing process and types of editing
  • the extra touches that make an article better
  • pitfalls
  • overcoming hesitation and self-doubt


The resources mentioned in the workshop are available at

What do You Think?

If you have comments about this workshop, or would like to know more about future workshops, let us know at

Your Workshop Hosts

Tim Anderson
Editor of PostScript Magazine 
& Executive Director, BCRTA

Karen Cooper
Assistant Editor of
PostScript Magazine

Special Guest

Duncan Lowe
PostScript Award Winner
Best Personal Article

Special Guest

Lynda Grace Philippsen
Frequent PostScript Contributor,
artist and blogger

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