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The final details are being ironed out! BCRTA members can look forward to significant improvements to the Prestige EHC and Travel Insurance package offered exclusively to BCRTA members.

Beginning September 1, coverage improvements include:

  • No more age banding on extended health coverage. (Age does affect travel rates.)
  • Hearing aid claim limits will rise by 40%, with an ability to claim with greater frequency. Coverage will change from $1,000 every five years to $1,400 every four years.
  • For members born after 1940, plan drug claim maximums will increase: $1,500 plan will rise to limit of $2,000. The present $3,500 plan will rise to a limit of $4,000.
  • Availability of home delivery of prescriptions for a low $6.99 dispensing fee (see the Express Scripts services page at Includes 24/7 access to a pharmacist. Ideal for your medications that need a 90 day supply.
  • Much better pricing on 93 day Prestige travel coverage. Increase your trip length maximum from 62 to 93 days within the Prestige plan, for a modest price.
  • Trip cancellation will now INCLUDE COVID coverage.
  • Rate reduction option: choose to add an optional $1,000 deductible to out-of-province health costs for significant overall rate savings. You will continue to enjoy first-payer coverage up to $5 million, and with no change to your trip cancellation coverage.

​​​​​​​Make the move to BCRTA members’ most highly rated insurance coverage!

Contact Johnson Insurance at 1.855.616.6708 or visit