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At the suggestion of the BCRTA executive, the Western Region of the Canadian Association of retired Teachers (ACER-CART) has recommended to the ACER-CART national executive that it prepare introductory material to be sent to all Members of Parliament, the newly appointed Federal Cabinet, and Canada’s senators.

This material will outline who we are as provincial or territorial organizations under the ACER-CART banner, and specify what our goals and priorities are for federal legislation. ACER-CART vice-president (also BCRTA president) Gerry Tiede, along with Western Regional coordinator, Marilyn Bossert of Alberta have begun action on this initiative at the national level.

ACER-CART’s Western regional representatives met in Edmonton in November and exchanged ideas on a variety of topics including governance models, insurance trends, national health trends, and ways to market our provincial organizations to retired teachers.

Steve Bailey sits on the board of ACER-CART as BCRTA’s representative.