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With the 75th anniversary of the BCRTA coming up in 2020, an ad hoc committee is making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning how we can best celebrate this milestone. Ideas are being developed for a logo, commemorative merchandise, historical commemorative material as well as PostScript and video presentations to mark the occasion. The Committee is particularly interested in having our BCRTA branches submit historical photographs and short articles to be used in developing our commemorative celebration.

Members are requested to dig into your branch archives and forward material to the 75th Anniversary Committee, Attn. Steve Bailey, at the BCRTA office. Any ideas you have for this celebration would be most welcome. The Heritage and Communications committees are excited about this initiative.

Committee members are Janice Androsoff, chair of the Heritage Committee, Arnie Lambert, chair of the Communications Committee, Carol Baird-Krull, member of the Heritage and Communications committees, and BCRTA directors Sterling Campbell, Floyd Smith, and Steve Bailey (Chair).