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YES, fun-seekers, you can stay in touch with others in novel ways these days. Here are some great ideas.

(Thanks to Past President Gerry Tiede, 1st VP Arnie Lambert, and Kerri and Orrie Babiuk of New Westminster RTA.)

1. Plan a virtual wine tasting. Several BC wineries are offering this free service with an expert sommelier-using Zoom. Google virtual wine tours or go to, find a winery and set it up as a branch activity with everybody safe at home in their own bubble.

2. Here’s something that our Johnson Insurance representative Lisa Hansen suggests: get a team together and challenge another team, perhaps another branch, to a virtual run, walk or cycle.
Great Canadian Trail

3. The on-line cooking class

My wife is in a small cooking club, about 8 people – every month or two they meet at one person’s house and make a meal together. The host chooses the menu and buys the supplies. Everyone takes a turn. But it stopped with COVID.

They did this on-line class together and it was good but they decided that they would just do it themselves on Zoom with one person planning the meal and everyone cooking in their own home.

4. There are lots of online photography classes, including some interactive ones on Zoom.

5. Connect to some good music at the National Arts Centre Orchestra website:

6. Connect to some good drama at the Stratford Festival’s “Stratfest at Home” site

8. Host a Christmas Cocktail Party via someone’s Zoom account and send invitations to everyone who has an interest. Guests could introduce themselves, tell us where they taught and how long they have been retired. It will be your choice if you choose to indulge in a 3 to 5 minute cocktail confabulation.

Discussion topics could be: best Christmas memory; best trip; what three books would you take to a deserted island and why; best movie or TV show and why; favourite Canuck or athlete; best sports team; or who would you have dinner with, past or present, and why. If these topics aren’t your cup of nog, then choose a topic of your own making.

Everyone supplies their own cocktails and canapes. And of course, since you are zooming in your own home, encourage everyone to drink responsibly so they can get all the way to bed safely.

Dave Scott is Chair of BCRTA’s Membership Committee.