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The Executive and BCRTA Board of Directors met on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017. The president, Patricia Clough, welcomed everyone and gave special thanks to Kristi and Laurie, our staff members who have done so much and worked so hard for the organization and members. A focus for the Board has been to lobby in opposition to the federal government’s Bill C-27 – see the Pension Report in this edition. The Board plans to work with our branches to continue this lobby and would like to encourage all members to write letters to their MP requesting the bill not proceed through parliament or to be defeated if it does. Please visit the BCRTA Website feature on Target Pension Plans for more information on this issue.

The Board also recognized JoAnn Lauber for the extensive, thorough, and in-depth report she wrote for the National Pensioners Federation titled Responsive Primary Health Care, which includes thirty-four recommendations to improve health care in Canada. You can access a PDF of the report here: The NPF will be presenting this and other reports to the government.

The Board is also making adjustments to the BCRTA with a focus on membership recruitment and improved membership services. Make sure to keep posted on new initiatives and changes in structure. To this end the BCRTA held a strategic planning session in November 2016 and will be following up with another session in November 2017.