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The Excellence in Public Education Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Golden Star Awards. School closures mid–March affected the number of applications we received but quality made up for quantity.

Congratulations to Tilia Prior and Marion Collins, teachers at Tecumseh Elementary School in Vancouver and Genny Redman, teacher at Thetis Island Elementary School on Thetis Island.

These teachers led intergenerational programs that exemplify the rich interactions and outcomes that can occur when students and seniors interact. When circumstances permit, the Committee looks forward to presentation events at Tecumseh and Thetis Island. Kudos to all involved!

2020 marks the eleventh year of the Golden Star Awards. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 restrictions, BCRTA staff members Laurie, Kristi and Tim have provided the support the Committee needed to implement this year’s Golden Star Award program. Additionally, members can now access the Golden Star Award archive of past winners from 2010 to 2019.