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The restrictions on travel and gathering has changed the way BCRTA is reaching out to educators thinking about retirement. For a number of years, the BCRTA Pensions and Benefits Committee has been providing pre-retirement workshops around the province. Last year, over 1,000 active teachers attended seminars led by a small group of experts. It was an outreach program that required a significant investment of time and resources.

With travel and meeting restrictions, BCRTA staff and the workshop team are now giving the presentation online. The new format debuted in May, with a pair of workshop Pro-D sessions held for Surrey Teachers. These two sessions reached nearly 300 people.

Two more sessions were held on June 4 and June 11. Over 200 teachers signed up for those sessions, using an online portal on the BCRTA Workshop website that allows active teachers to sign up for access to resources and news updates.

A number of active teachers who attended the session took the plunge to BCRTA membership immediately, giving them immediate access to Advantage Partner benefits.

A Suite of Resources

Stepping into retirement can feel like a step into the unknown. The Pre-Retirement Workshop helps educators contemplating retirement with an overview of the facts they need to confidently step into this new phase of life.

Registrants have access to:

  • BCRTA’s Retirement Guide
  • Income and Expense Worksheets
  • A Retirement Checklist
  • Latest Information on EHC rates
  • Comparisons of EHC plans
  • Information about BCRTA benefits

High Participant Satisfaction

Attendees have been overwhelmingly positive about the workshop. A whopping 95% would recommend the workshop to a friend.

Thinking of Retirement? Register Today

Future workshop dates are being developed. Educators can register for a future workshop at



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