Significant improvements coming to the MEDOC travel insurance plan offered by Johnson Insurance. These improvements will be effective September 1, 2018.

Trips inside BC now qualify for trip cancellation

Recognizing that booking a cottage and transport across the province can be as big an expenditure as traveling to another province, and MEDOC coverage now applies to in-province trips as well.

Document replacement coverage

MEDOC Claims Assistance Centre will help you replace lost or stolen documents, with coverage increasing from $200 to $500 for 2018/2019. You are covered for the loss or theft of your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate and/or travel visa.

Non-medical emergency evacuation

Emergency mountain, sea or other remote location evacuation of you to the nearest accessible point by professional services up to $5,000.

New accidental death coverages

There is improved life coverage for air travelers and other hazards.

Premium increases held to 1.9%

In an era where many insurance plans see vastly increased premiums, the MEDOC plan has limited this year’s premium change to just 1.9%.

Important Dates

To take advantage of these improvements, please make note of these dates:

July 20Completing the Health Option Questionnaire will save you money should you qualify for the Optimum or the Preferred Health Option.
August 5Your first premium deduction for the new 2018/2019 MEDOC Travel Insurance Policy from your bank account.
September 1Coverage under your new 2018/2019 Medoc Travel Insurance Policy begins on this date.

Remember to fill in all forms with the required health information to ensure complete coverage.

If you are interested in coverage beyond travel, including Extended Health and Travel packages designed for BCRTA members, get a free no-obligation evaluation of your needs by Johnson through their Best Friend Advice service.

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