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PostScript Magazine is pleased to introduce Dr. Roger Wong as a contributor. Roger’s deep knowledge, teaching skills and engaging manner make him a wonderful partner in the advancement of well-being for our members and for seniors in general.

Dr. Wong is Executive Associate Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (UBC), a geriatrics specialist doctor, clinical professor of geriatric medicine, the 13th President of the Canadian Geriatrics Society, and a TEDx speaker. He is also the second Canadian – and the first UBC professor – to be selected by the British Geriatrics Society as a Trevor Howell Guest Lecturer, which recognizes eminent physicians or scientists with an international reputation. He tweets at @RogerWong10 and is recognized internationally as a thought leader in geriatrics, aging and medical education.

Here is Roger’s recent TEDx talk, “How to keep your elderly parents safe and in their home longer.”