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This year’s “complimentary first year membership” campaign has resulted in a significant increase in BCRTA membership. The campaign is being extended in the wake of its success. The Committee is also looking at some other innovative strategies for membership enhancement.

We are working with Tim Anderson of Alphabet Communications to develop some promotional “swag” for BCRTA members and potential members. We are looking at different types of items. If you have any good ideas about the kind of things we should offer with the BCRTA logo as promotional items, please forward your suggestions to Steve Bailey at

We also met with Susan Stern representing our Members’ Advantage partnership with First Memorial / Dignity Funeral Services for an update and with Mark Costales of Johnson Inc. to discuss our relationship with Johnson Inc. in the context of our Members’ Advantage Program. The new BCRTA website should make it significantly easier for members to access information about our Members’ Advantage partners.

One of our partners, Park ’N Fly, has announced a new corporate schedule which is on their website. Using Park ’N Fly still results in a good savings for BCRTA members. Get the Park ’N Fly BCRTA code from Laurie at the BCRTA office. Also please remind your Branch members to use their BCRTA membership card to see if they can get discounts from local businesses.

The Pension Corporation pre-retirement workshops have begun again around the province. Please check their website ( to see if there is a session planned for your Branch area. If you are able to participate in one of these sessions to promote BCRTA membership, please let Laurie in the BCRTA office know ahead of time so that she can forward materials for you to distribute. Remember to email Marla Madelung at to let her know someone from your Branch will be attending.

George Main, former Membership Committee member and member of the Communications Committee is working on important updates for our Branch Membership Enhancement Guide. The revised Guide will be posted on the website for easy access. There are lots of practical ideas to support your Branch life.