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The Well-Being committee will be providing four pages of articles for the spring edition of PostScript including one on the present disjointed BC Pharmacare program, one on senior recreation involving Pickle Ball, one on a personal experience showing the need for a will, and an article on the need to keep on top of eye health. The Well-Being Committee is also asking Branch Presidents, when practicable, to survey their membership to identify specific factors in their region that either help to support or are a detriment to the well-being of members and seniors. The Well-Being Committee deems it part of their role to advocate and advance areas that either need improvement or provide improvement to senior well-being.

As the Well-Being Committee we are also asking BCRTA members or people that our BCRTA members may know to contribute articles on Well-Being topics to us for publication in PostScript magazine.

The definition of well-being is a broad definition lending significant opportunities for our members and the readership of PostScript to assist our committee in our support of member health and well-being. The definition is as follows: Well-Being is defined as the interconnectedness of the physical, mental, material, emotional, social and spiritual health of the members of the BCRTA including the awareness of developments and issues relating to the well-being of retired teachers and seniors in general.

Contribution may be sent to:
Terry Green/Chair Well-Being Committee at or if you have questions please call at (250) 494 1406.