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The committee made these recommendations that were passed by the Executive and are in process:

  • Cooperate with COSCO by providing technical support in the development of a petition opposed to Bill C-27
  • Hire an independent insurance consultant to review the financial reporting we receive from Johnson’s Insurance. We believe that we had had excellent service and reporting from Johnson’s but as part of our due diligence we want to have an independent expert’s confirmation as we move forward.
  • A letter has been written to the MSP task force supporting the replacement of premiums with increases in personal income and business taxes.
  • A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health urging them to implement a national Pharmacare program.
  • A letter was written to the National Pensioners Federation in support of it’s campaign to restrict aggressive sales practices by large telecom companies.
  • We received a report from Dale Lauber, the Trustee that represents the retired members of the Teachers’ Pension Plan. An actuarial report is currently underway and we can expect positive news when it is finished and made public around September 1.