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On October 2, BCRTA celebrated contributors to PostScript Magazine with the 2020 PostScript Magazine Awards.

Executive Director Tim Anderson made the presentations and had a brief conversation with each of the winners about their contribution.

Here is a complete list of nominees and winners:

Best Personal Experience Article (Sheila Gair Award)


“Paddles Up” by Cheryl Halstead, Summer 2019
“Moving to a Plant-based Diet” by Norman and Julie Gleadow, Fall 2019
“Graduation Day” by Ralph Martin, Fall 2019
“Book review, Bolder” by Lynda Grace Phillipsen, Winter 2019
“Time for Uke” by Lynn Hodge, Winter 2019
“Finding the Fourth” by David Sackville, Winter 2019
“Test Those Ears” by Terry Green, Spring 2020

Winner: David Sackville

Best Travel Article


“Sahara by Camel” by Garry Litke, Summer 2019
“Albania’s Ancient Roads” by Roberta Huber, Summer 2019
“Ladakh: Beacon at the Top of the World” by David Simms, Summer 2019
“Lisbon: Home of Fado” by Gord Yakimow, Fall 2019
“Routes des Vins” by Lorrie Williams, Fall 2019
“On the Chemin de St. Jacques” by Christine Sanders, Winter 2019
“L’Viv” by Gord Yakimow, Spring 2020

Winner: Christine Sanders

Best Artwork or Photograph


Ladakh series by David Simms, Summer 2019
Morocco Series by Garry Litke, Summer 2019
Lisbon: Home of Fado by Gord Yakimow, Fall 2019
Routes des Vins by Lorrie Williams, Fall 2019
Cover, Zoe in the forest by Kathryn Bourdon, Fall 2019
Paintings by Lyn Tretiak, Winter 2019
Cover, Boundary Bay by Peter Scurr, Winter 2019
Painting and sketches by Leonard Shane, Spring 2020
Photos, including cover by Lon Smith, Spring 2020


Kathryn Bourdon
Lorrie Williams

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to our many contributors!