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What do you want for Christmas?

As years go by I have learned that Christmas doesn’t bring to mind the things I wish to acquire, but instead gratitude for all I have.

Amongst the things I have are the routines of Christmas. Repeating those familiar preparations gives a sense of order, of readiness and plenty. The fruitcake is baked, the caramel popcorn sits safely in its tin, and there are a variety of cookies to share with friends.

Large fabric bows hang on our heritage house windows and our ten-foot tree has the same decorations as the year before, as well at least three new ones. Three new ones? That is so there will be one of each for my girls when I am no longer able to put up a tree.

And then, because there are now grandsons, I sit with the youngest to cuddle and probe, “What would you like for Christmas?”

His high-pitched voice responds, “A hot dog.”

And lo, later, in his newly-acquired hand printing I find “hot dog” on his wish list to Santa.

In that moment, I know that I already have what I want for Christmas.

Enjoy the best of the season.

Grace Wilson is President of BCRTA