First Year Free and More

BCRTA Membership Committee Report
By Steve Bailey, Membership Committee Chairperson, Coquitlam, BC

Our “first year complimentary BCRTA membership” offer is in full swing. The re-designed membership application form is now available on-line. Hard copies are available from the BCRTA office. Later this summer the BCTF will be mailing this material to all known 2017 retirees.

Speaking of membership increases, we will be awarding branch growth membership awards again this year at September’s AGM. As a new twist, champagne awards will be replaced by chocolate and other goodies for the winning branch delegations to enjoy (and share)! Awards are based on August 31 branch membership figures.

Park ’N Fly, one of our Members’ Advantage Partners, has recently revised its Discount Savings program. Our YVR preferred rates are now $17.56 per day and $66.95 a week. See the BCRTA Park ’N Fly access code on our website. If you have trouble with access, please call the BCRTA office for assistance.

One of the goals of the Membership Committee is to develop a line of BCRTA merchandise.

Included in the Membership Committee budget for the coming year is money for a pilot project. Watch and see what develops.

Have a great summer. Remember to use your BCRTA membership card to garner savings through our BCRTA Members’ Advantage Program.

New Communications Initiatives

BCRTA Communications Committee Report
By Bob Taverner, Communications Committee Chairperson, Nanaimo, BC

After a series of sometimes intense meetings over this last year, reviewing all of the BCRTA’s methods of communicating with members, Communications Committee members were pleased to see most of their recommendations for change adopted by the Board. As a result, the makeup of the Communications Committee will be very different for 2017-2018. It will consist of ten members. There’ll be a chairperson and three subcommittees, each with three members.

One will be the PostScript subcommittee, which will consist of the PostScript editor and two BCRTA members chosen for their ability to offer helpful advice and assistance to the editor. If you believe yourself capable of filling one of these roles, because of your experience putting together newsletters, magazines, journals, etc., why not fill out a Committee Application form—one is included in the current, summer issue of PostScript—showing your interest in being on the Communications Committee.

A second subcommittee will be for the Liaison Priorities newsletter, and it too will consist of an editor and two assistants. Interested in being one of those assistants? Fill in the application form.

The third subcommittee will consist of an I.T. coordinator and two assistants. If you’ve had experience working on websites, are comfortable using two or more types of social media, and would like to assist our I.T. coordinator, fill in the form. We have an expert website consultant working for us over the next few months. Working with him could prove to be very informative, possibly even exciting, as we finally get the BCRTA website transformed into a professionally constructed access point for our members.

Note that the Board has now done away with the rule saying that members must be on two committees. Now you only need to be on one.

As June 20th was our last committee meeting of the 2016-2017 year, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our hard-working committee members for their interest and hard work: Sterling Campbell, Don Caskey, Charan Gill, Ken Kuhn, Annette O’Connor and Floyd Smith.