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BCRTA Online Conference and AGM Well-received

On October 2 and 3, BCRTA hosted its first online conference and AGM. The annual meeting weekend is a highlight of the BCRTA calendar and great effort was made to replicate some of the camaraderie that we experience at in-person meetings. An extensive package was sent out to delegates, with the usual reports and instructions, but also technical support and suggestions for how to create a feeling of connection. Dozens of delegates sent in photos of themselves wearing one of this year’s mementos, a BCRTA/Johnson scarf.

Conference moderator Arnie Lambert arranged a line-up of top-notch keynote speakers for this year’s conference, with a central theme of health. Keynote speakers were BC Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie and two UBC professors, Dr. Steve Morgan and Dr. Roger Wong. In this issue of Connections you will see several reports on the day’s presentations, with links to view the videos.

The primary concern for the Oct. 3 AGM was to allow delegates to fully review and vote on the standard business items that make up the annual meeting. The AGM kicked off right on time with outgoing President Gerry Tiede welcoming a full roster of delegates. The bulk of the meeting was chaired by long-time BCRTA luminary Pat Brady – a familiar and trusted voice who kept things moving with his customary good humour. Apart from one or two delegates who experienced technical challenges, delegates were able to log into the meeting and take part.

An evaluation survey completed by the majority of delegates showed very high levels of satisfaction with the overall structure of the meeting and especially the critical governance functions. A whopping 94% of delegates gave the secure online voting procedures the highest possible marks for ease of use.

Other features of the Conference Day included the Golden Star Awards, Branch Membership Awards and BCRTA’s PostScript Excellence Awards.

Months of planning and technical set-up had produced an intense but very informative and entertaining two days, and our association had properly met our responsibility to have members meet for our Annual General Meeting. In the face of significant disruption, our association once again asserted its adaptable goodwill.

Well done, everyone!

Here are some snapshots from the two days:


On the Conference Day, delegates showed off the BCRTA/Johnson scarves created for the event.

Some Delegate Comments

  • I really enjoyed the online conference. It was organized very well and the moderation of the segments was excellent. I hope there are more online events like this one.
  • Financial report was excellent. The Postscript awards interviews were a highlight.
  • Clarity of concerns, discussions, and decisions were excellent!
  • That took a great deal of organizing and we thank you.
  • Educated people know how to work together yet stay apart!!
  • Very well done. Even the glitches were interesting to watch.
  • Really good all round. I sure missed meeting up with other delegates but wearing pj’s was a joy.
  • It was very well done. I missed the people contact and the food at my house was not as good as conference food.
  • I was impressed with the ease of the voting procedure.
  • Very well-organized and informative.
  • Excellent job by Arnie and award presenters.
  • Thought the whole thing was good – was better than I anticipated.
  • AGM showed excellent team work and displayed a high standard of effort…..just what the BCRTA is all about.